a rose by any other name would be debauchery

Last weekend my son The Artist's class had a social in the House of Representatives rose gardens at Old Parliament House in Canberra. Whew that's a mouthful!

I enjoyed wandering the gardens and having a peek at the signs.
    From this amazing life...

   ...to this wonderful epitaph..hope mine will be as nice!

There was also this lovely fountain with a timeline of women in politics since Federation

I love the abstract images formed at water's edge

Arching over the rose gardens were these gorgeous Gleditsia trees

full of seed pods, which rustled and rattled in the wind.

There was a wonderful soft litter of rose petals on the ground.

And the bees were very busy in this larder of theirs

 They only have one thing in mind, and they won't be deterred from it!
 While there I was overcome by the scent of the roses, and produced this poem for your enjoyment!

Burlesque roses
dance in the sunshine
teasingly stripping
their clothes as they grow

Lascivious insects
hovering hungrily
buzz lewd approval
and dive bomb the show

Above in the treetops
castanets accompany
averting their eyes
from debauchery below

'Til next time, 

Keep creating!

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  1. Loved your photos ,made us feel we had had a visit there .
    Your poem captured a wonderful feeling of the sights and sounds .
    D & M


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