Rose Garden Reprise

Imagine the scene. The sun is glaring down, and you can feel your unprotected skin heating up. There is a gentle hum of industrious insects at the periphery of your hearing, surrounding you. The wind is a gentle ripple on the leaves, and the divine scent of roses is filling you, feeding you, making you float on soft perfume.

Here are some more photos of the roses from my trip to Old Parliament House Rose Gardens.
From orange throated goddesses...

to ethereal lilac beauties

this reminded me of ruffled bloomers
some beauties seemed to capture the sun

while others seemed profligate...extravagant and excessive

the golden centre paired with rose tipped petals...magic

as was its mate - called Tequila Sunrise

and this one I wanted to dive right in! Its name? Joyfulness!!

The interesting thing about these two rose posts, is that as I have been moving the photos around, I could swear I caught the scent of roses! Double the experience...not bad!

So that's all the roses for today. Hope you enjoyed the rose garden reprise.

Until next time,
Keep creating!


  1. Lavishly gorgeous that gave joyfulness to see them. What colours and forms and light! M&D

  2. So this is why people plant rose gardens! I have never seen the beauty so well captured - well done....wait ...what's that? Do I smell perfume?


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