Beeing Wonderful!

It's been a while since I have dressed up, and I'm overjoyed!

Here I am in my skull leggings from Black Milk, my nightie as dress with roses pattern, my suede booties, fuzzy bee jumper, and Stars and Stripes socks.

Jumper, nightie, and boots- second hand, leggings - retail

See, I can be a lady!

Turquoise glass ring and resin polka dot ring- second hand, brass black and motherofpearl bracelet- second hand, multicoloured necklace - gift from my gorgeous parents, pearl and gold earrings - gift from wonderful muminlaw.

'Til next time, keep creating!

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  1. What a fun outfit! I love the colour and pattern combination and those tights! I didn't realise they were skulls and the colours are so pretty I assumed flowers. Now I want pretty skull tights too.


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