Cleaning Couture

What I wore to do the vacuuming today!

A thrifted wool jacket, knitted shorts made by me, tights extra old!

Underneath an Australian flag - second hand

And I added Stars and Stripes socks to add to the nationalistic fervour! Plus my suede booties - thrifted

On the back of the jacket I needle felted a patch which I had made earlier, to jazz up the jacket as I have had it a while and was getting a little bored with it :-)

What do you wear to do the vacuuming?

'Til next time, keep creating!


  1. What is this vacuuming of which you speak? An ancient ritual so which you need to be appropriately attired? If so, outfit looks grand!

  2. Wow !!!! The vacuum cleaner must have felt honoured! Great to see your GORGEOUS Felting and the shorts you made and all the accompanying regalia, The tree is beautiful! D&M

  3. You are a real fashionista if you have a special vacuuming outfit! ;-) I don't do the vacuuming so I don't have a vacuuming outfit. Clearly I am missing out. I love your felted needlework and the shape of that jacket really suits you!


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