Dress and dag

"Step we gaily, 
on we go, 
heel for heel, 
and toe for toe!"

My outfit consists of blue wool jumper- retail, 
orange felted wool vest(modified by me after felting so it still fit! ) And added motif "x in the box, or cross your heart" to symbolise my love for my genderqueer self. 
Red Asian fabric skirt - secondhand in a shabby state, I reworked to fit me. 
Very old patterned tights, 
Stars and Stripes ankle socks- retail, 
and slip on Rockport gorgeousness- $5 second hand.

The bling- second hand plastic polka dot ring - $2, 
copper coloured knot necklace - $2

Various beaded bracelets, secondhand or made by me. Silver bracelet-gift from Bushy

The daggy look I wore by the end of the day: 
with the addition of green silk scarf - secondhand, 
grey wrap - retail, 
and sheepskin slippers - retail many, many years ago.

Let's dance!

'Til next time, keep creating!


  1. You must have had fun painting those pictures! Enough to brighten any day!D&M

  2. Arm and arm and row on row, off to Mairi's wedding!

    What fun! I love your happy poses and your bright colours and the fun tights and that delightful wrap!


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