In the heart of the woods...


Sitting in a bloom of sunshine
Warming up the cockles of your heart
Gazing on tree canopies 
Eucalyptus scenting the air
A silent circling bird of prey

Jewelled darkness
Stars sparkling, strewn across the dark sky
The orange moon rises 
Reflecting the camp fire across the clearing
The temperature drops

Travelling home
Weary and dirty
Squinting in electric light
Showering in warm water
Civilisation's perks

We have returned from our journey to 'Heartwoods', our bush block. We had the most magical time. One of those times when everything clicks. We have owned Heartwoods for 10 years, but this is the first time the weather was lovely, there were minimal insects, we had time to explore, and the kids were old enough to entertain themselves. We also had a new-to-us tractor to make tracks for the kids to ride their bikes on, and they were able to cut down some trees(heavily supervised by the trained professional hubby Bushy).

It really is a magical place. In the midst of farm land, we have a forest to play in! 

So here are some piccies!

A sign drawn by The Artist when he was small.

The Actor starting a fire with a flint. He is so patient, and with the addition of some paper he actually made a fire!

The Artist learned to make a fire from blowing up some coals. He was very good at toasting bread!

The boys had a ball on their bikes

and chopping down trees. Don't worry, we have plenty!

Bushy was Farmer Jo for the weekend.

The scene of making bike jumps near some wombat holes.

The view, slightly obscured by cloud. We are up in the sky.

Now you can imagine yourself on the hammock where I spent quite a few hours. Ahh bliss!

Hope you enjoyed your trip to Heartwoods :-)

'Til next time, keep creating!


  1. It looks lovely! What a fantastic retreat you have and so perfect for the boys! Thanks for sharing the pictures!
    I think I am addicted to exclamation points. I'm just a naturally enthusiastic person.

  2. we enjoyed the visit to Heartwoods again and seeing the 3 action boys as well as the fluffy clouded view and the spot where you hung out and the poem so we could feel the place.....thank you xxx


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