It was Autumnal perfection!

Last time we went to our bush block Heartwoods, we made a trip to Cooma and Numeralla nearby. It was one of those perfect Autumn days...clear, still and golden.

The waterhole at Numeralla looking its best.

With "No Hippies etc" sign the kids loved!

What an amazing tree!

Our dog Winter loved the leaves.

View to the ranges from the car

The kids competing on swings

The Actor and The Artist communing with the river.

Hope you enjoyed our little trip!

'Til next time, keep creating,


  1. Lovely! Those golden, mellow colours of late summer and autumn are so pretty. I can see that this place would make your heart happy.

  2. It certainly does! this is my heart's home,where we've buried our pets, and the place we will pass down the generations.

  3. sure enjoyed the trip and the contrasts of the serene waterhole and that GOOORGEOUS tree with its
    dripping bark and Winter and the boys doing their thing.D&M

  4. Sure enjoyed the trip with the contrasting scenery ..serene waterhole and that amazing tree with its
    dripping bark and the boys and Winter doing their thing and the eyes thing the camera to see and share it with us. D&M


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