Reflections on blogging

So, I've been Blogging for almost two months now and I wanted to reflect on this experience.
I initially wanted a focus for my artwork and ideas. I've always been making art, but haven't really done it formally. This blog has enabled me to gather all my ideas into one place, and helped me see my direction more clearly.
Since I have so many different media/genres of art, I find its easy to lose focus and think i'm not getting anywhere.
I thought if I started a blog, I might be able to pull together some ideas for a performance. This still may happen.

One of the unexpected bonuses of blogging and social media I've found, is that I reach people I only know marginally, or not at all!
I also have found people are really supportive and have had some surprise compliments, which is nice. I wonder if people give and receive more compliments online than they would have in the old days, because it's so easy to do with the click of a button.

I have found I have to be careful, because I tend to measure the worth of my posts or my blogging or even my art, by how many comments I receive. I read other's blogs and note the number of comments they receive, and feel inferior by comparison.

One factor in all this internal debate is also my Aspergers. I suspect when I try to blog like others, and break into new circles, I am touching feelings of unworthiness and confusion that I've had all my life. I have struggled to feel strong when I've had problems understanding the social nuances of friendship, and have had no real interest in the topics they seem so engrossed in.

I've caught myself thinking I need to change my content or style to try and capture the interest of visitors and to encourage repeat visitors. This is a dangerous road, and I constantly have to remind myself to stay true to my own vision. If I am, I will eventually create an audience who is interested in what I'm interested in!

I have to remind myself what my original intent for blogging was- to put my art out there, and help me to create on a daily basis. Has this been done? Yes! So the blog is a success. Anything else, like multiple comments or awards is a bonus!

As of today, my all time views stands at 1,033 from eight different countries! Boy, that's what I call exposure. So even though I don't receive comments, I am touching people I never would have before. How cool is that!

'Til next time, keep creating!


  1. Congratulations! Does this make you a thousandaire? But of course no one is counting :-)

    1. Yep, a thousandaire! That's a great word.

  2. That's great, Jazz, please do keep going and let your blog evolve. I think many people have the same kinds of thoughts you do, perhaps it's more a matter of degree than the actual thoughts. Either that or I too have Aspergers and am totally out to lunch about what other people think. I always struggle not to compare myself, I am very hard on myself in that way and I think in some ways that is why I tend to be a loner. I have no desire to join an artists group or a writer's group as I don't think they would work for me. I would only get caught up in comparing myself and feeling inadequate. I wish that weren't so and I even feel inadequate for being that way. And yet, as you probably know, anyone who creates things has some desire at some point to show it to others. It's pretty scary. I shared a short story I wrote with three people recently and it was pretty obvious two of them didn't like it. One really did though. I am struggling with not taking that to heart.

    Keep visiting blogs and leaving comments. That's how people find you. That's how I found you. :-)

    1. Thanks for sharing your reflections. That's the beauty of blogging. You filter out all those who don't really get it, and only receive comments from those who are on board! It's so scary putting your whole soul out into the world in the form of an artwork or performance! We are the brave ones :-) standing there in our vulnerability. I used to think I was so wimpy for worrying about that, but now think we are the courageous ones, who feel scared but do it anyway! Or the dumb ones ;-)
      I try to visit blogs and leave comments, but can only do it on a limited number because of time and energy constraints with the kids. But as you say, it will evolve. Just have to sit on my inner critic for a while!

  3. lately i had this thoughts too - should i do more of "this"/less of "that" or even should i blog in english for more readers/comments.....
    but like you i know it would be wrong because it would not be me. and i´m happy with the few followers i have - they are a very smart and lovely bunch - "talking" with them in the comments section is always a bliss :-)
    keep on!

  4. Thanks Beate for dropping by and leaving a comment! I think you're right...we need to stick to our own "languages" and then we can show our real self to the world. I look forward to reading more of your posts:-)

  5. I subscribe to the blog like no one's watching theory.
    I started my blog for me … it's a record of what's going on in my life … as inconsequential as that may be to anyone else.
    But when you realise that other people find it worth reading too … then that's just icing on the cake :0)

    1. Yes, I like that expression...have to remember it! thanks for commenting :-)


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