Shiny awards!

This is very exciting. I received my first blog award!(well, two combined into one) Woo Hoo! Thanks Shawna from The Director of Awesome for listing me amongst the blogs that you have enjoyed. 
I now have the happy task of writing 17 random facts about myself (and who doesn't like writing about themselves) and alerting you to 15 bloggers who I admire, and who inspire others.

 Rules of the Shine On Award:

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Rules of the Sunshine Award:

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17 random facts about me

1. My name is Jack (yes, male spelling!) It started out as Jacqueline, then Jacquie, and now Jack. But I think I'll use the pseudonym of Jazz so as not to confuse people online, for the moment.
2. I was brought up in Papua New Guinea and speak rudimentary Tok Pisin.
3. I would love to be a fountain designer, but lack the engineering skills.
4. I am better at potplant gardening, than inground gardening - I suspect I lack the big picture skills, and the muscle skills to lug all the dirt and do the digging (esp. in Canberra's clay/cement soil! Ugh!)

5. I was bedbound for two years in my teens, without any explanation or diagnosis and housebound for 6 years under psychiatric care. In the end I now realise it was all the same problem...overloaded system due to Asperger's Syndrome.
6. I had two miraculous boys 10 and 13 years after we were told we would never have kids.

The Actor my 9yr old son is into weapons, and made a missile launcher from boxes.

Here is my 12 yr old son The Artist, doing a visual joke..."Understanding!"

7. I have studied flute, guitar, violin, piano and singing. 
8. I have lived in 5 different countries - PNG, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England.
9. I love minimalist decorating, and all white rooms, but somehow can never manage to do it myself. We have an all white bathroom that comes closest.
10. I have half an art and design diploma in NZ...having to return to Australia before it was finished.

11. I dressed solely in male clothes for a few years, but couldn't take the monotony and had to return to female dressing for the colour and decoration...although I often feel I'm wearing drag.

12. I love airports with their buzz of trips beginning and people reuniting, never mind the excitement of seeing the planes taking off and landing. I grew up around planes as my dad was an aircraft engineer, and we used to travel a lot on single engine planes around PNG.
13. I have a very detailed eye, but I must have a very small field of view because I'm often noticing things I haven't noticed before, like playgrounds and buildings which my kids assure me have been there for years!
14. I have slight prosopagnosia or face blindness and will often confuse two people and have conversations thinking I am only speaking to one person. It wears off over time fortunately!
15. I loooove coloured glass! the magpie in me.

16. Due to my Aspergers, I struggle to work out the rules of new situations, and this includes blogging. Its quite terrifying jumping off the deep end, but exhilarating at the same time. So please forgive me my faux pas.
17. We own a bush block of 80 acres on a mountainside near Cooma, NSW. On it we have two sheds. One for storage and the other to live in, with beds, potbelly stove, tank and pit toilet. No electricity, just gas for lights and cooking. This is as close to camping as I come! My husband is the original bushy (someone who lives in the bush), and he is the only reason we survive there :-) It has magical stars, and sometimes I feel like I will just fall off the earth into them. I love her writing, and cool looks I enjoy her Indian sojourns and colourful outfits I adore her writing, her clothing, and her deeper thoughts I love her colour and irreverence I like her simple style and analysis this blog started it all for me, the witty and joyous celebration of style in older years I like her amazing wardrobe and her generous nature I really love her artistic recreations and her layering flair, I became hooked on pantaloons from this blog I am enamoured of the carefree style in this blog, and I discovered Black Milk here I like her thoughtful posts, and her hats! has amazing crafts to do with and for kids. I like her creativity. I enjoy her style and her visible mondays...not that I've joined yet I love her quirkiness and the glimpses of New Zealand she is funny and creative and elegant all in one. I also love seeing bits of Vancouver I love the way he thinks, and he's not half bad...he's my husband :-)

'til next time, keep creating,



  1. Thank you so much for the award - I really enjoyed reading all of your points, and will check out some of the links I'm not familiar with.

    1. My pleasure! I realise you probably have tons of awards, but wanted you to know someone else likes your blog!

  2. :) Hi Jazz! Thanks so much for nominating me for this award. :) I also definitely look forward to peeking at the other bloggers and seeing their neat blogs. I love the idea of acknowledging other bloggers' creativity... Hrmm... time to get thinking....

    1. Looking forward to reading your lists!

  3. Well aren't you fascinating! I'm so glad you have shared these tidbits. I am familiar with both women and men using the name Jackie, but Jazz seems to suit you! What a conundrum trying to sort out your attraction to both male and female clothes and how to get the right balance for you personally. maybe you need to try hippie male-with colourful tied dyed clothes ;-)

    Your boys are adorable and clearly creative.

    I laughed because I first read potplant to mean pot-marijuana. Where I live we would distinguish between a pot plant and potted plants because many people here probably are growing pot plants.

    I love coloured glass too and have a small collection.

    I had a peek at your husband's blog. He certainly comes across as articulate and intelligent.

    If you are unsure of some 'rules' that confuse you or you think you are missing something, just ask. That's not only the simplest method but probably a good way to find out that many people aren't sure of 'the rules' or are happy to break them.

    And lastly-I love that tree painting which I am assuming is your work. I could just keep staring into that tree. What is the medium?

    1. Thanks for making me decide about my name. I was procrastinating! Yes the tree is my work. It now hangs in my hubby's office (he is a Forester) The medium is acrylic paint. I laughed at your pot plant dilemma :-D Aren't differences between countries fascinating? Thanks again for this marvellous opportunity. You're the best!

    2. LOL too true about the pot plant in BC! ; )

  4. You've had a bit of a challenging and interesting life it would seem.

    My you live out in the bush often? Without electricity? That must be incredible. When I was in Australia we went to Kangaroo Island and stayed for about 4 days with a private guide. The stars were incredible. So were the fairy penguins.

    I lived in Scotland a long time ago and we had no electricity. It was insane and hard! but a great learning experience.

    You are obviously wonderfully artistic. So nice to have grown up or lived in a variety of countries from which you can draw on for creative inspiration.


  5. What a fascinating read! You've certainly led an interesting and varied life and I do think mens clothes looked good on you. Thanks for passing on the award! xxx


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