Here is a crochet technique I've found useful. Double crochet with many colours. This is a cowl/collar/scarf/headband/hat thing. Quite stiff it stands up on its own.

An ipad case using the same technique with stiffer wool. (I recycled a zip from my son's swimmers, and needlefelted a tab on the end to finish it off.)

Another sample of this technique - a cushion I made for my parents. (Note the paler colours:-)

Some more needle felting on a black cashmere wrap I wanted to jazz up a bit.

 A crocheted scarf for a light and for me, with little flowers hanging from stems.

Another scarf I have made is out of small samples of printing I made in a course, and I sewed them together and added a beaded fringe I made.

I have been inspired by Pao of Project Minima to recolour my shoes using oil pastels, acrylic paint and permanent marker.

Finally we have the poncho I knitted for me which The Actor tried on, and it suited him so well, I gave it away. I was concerned about the hem rolling too much, but he likes it, it rolls out of the way when he reaches up, and then down again when he drops his arms! Also in this picture you see the gloves I crocheted for him last time we were at Heartwoods - Ninja gloves I think they are!

'Til next time, keep creating!


  1. Creativity is such a strong force in our life. If we block it we become miserable. So , I bet you are a happy , positive person cause you have created sooo much! I'm impressed with the shoes transformation and although I love crochet I admire what you did with your scarves! Many happy creations!

    1. Thanks so much Kelly! I love your crocheted items too:-) I definitely need to create. It's who I am really. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. So creative. In all sorts of media. Those shoes are looking cool too. Thanks for the mention.

    1. Oh wow! I can die happy! Pao thinks I'm creative! I'm such an admirer of your work :-)

  3. Hey Love! You are part of the Tribe!! Your creative juices flow and inspire. I love what you feature here. Pao is amazing, right? I've also benefitted from her vision. We're all part of the ripple effect.


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