As Autumn wanes in the Southern Hemisphere, I've put together some mushroom/toadstool shots we enjoyed this past season.

I love how mushrooms seem to burst! out of the ground all mishmashed together.

These next two closeups were by The Actor and The Artist.

Cupcakes on stalks anyone?

Orange marbles nestle in the grass.

Bluetinged jellyfish of the soil.

Some orange peel resting on a log.

Tanned Joobylips (as we called fat lips growing up!)

Of course there is the rich look of burnt bookpages or wafer thin chocolate underside.

One of them was sheltering a tiny man, who didn't seem happy to be disturbed.
Having his coffee break after lugging those heavy woodchips around, by the look of it.

Then we ascend to higher levels with the mushroom tree for my earrings!

I've had fun. Hope you have too!
Can you smell that earthy mossy scent?

'Til next time, keep creating!
Jazzy Jack


  1. I love how mushrooms just pop up over night. I want to lie in the grass and watch that happen! What a great variety of them you found to photograph. That little man sure does look cranky. He wants a beer. What gorgeous earrings you have hanging on your earring mushroom! I am in love with the green ones! Are they peridot?

    1. Now I want to lie in the grass overnight! What a picture. I have no idea what the green stones are. We can call them peridot!

  2. What a kaleidoscope of shapes & colour all dressed for work in the forest or field! Pretty amazing. I can almost feel it. Your apprentices have shown their skills too. Well done. From jewels in the forest to jewels in your home....a fun journey! M

    1. It really was a mushroom season. And I didn't get them all! Heartwoods was where we found most of them.

  3. I think that each time I scrolled down to the next photo I thought that is the BEST shot!

  4. I love mushrooms ... They're the perfect combination of ugly and gorgeous ... and they don't taste too bad either ;0)

  5. Yeah, I could actually smell that earthy mossy scent looking at these wonderful photographs. And that "earrings mushroom"? What a great and fun idea!

    1. Glad you enjoyed your visit! :-)


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