Tree of life

I have a new ring,
it is a tree of life as you can see.

I bought this today to remind myself to value my life, and celebrate my life, and think of life...not death.
A few days ago I had a mole removed from my back. It is currently at the lab being analysed. I don't get the good or bad news until Wednesday.
Living this week in this limbo, trying not to worry, is really eye opening.
I am aware of how much I take my life for granted, and whinge about minor things, and focus on negative issues which aren't really that important in the long scheme of things.
I am living with the thought that it is possible I might have a shorter life than I expected, and I have vowed to spend what time I have left in focusing on the positive and beautiful aspects of my life.

This week I am focusing on creating even more than usual, to keep some balance in my thoughts. To counteract the negative thoughts that want to creep in.

I'm hoping that next week I will have good news and I'll be grateful for this gift, of sitting in the hot seat, and seeing what I really value in my life, and what message I want to leave behind.

I have a statement of purpose I have written for my life:
I am a colourful influential outlier
Laying a beauty trail right across this world
Spark by precious spark

I hope the rest of my life however long will attest to that.

Something I didn't realise until afterwards, my ring is a tree, and my hubby is a Forester!
And deep inside, in the roots of the tree, is a heart :-)

'Til next time, keep creating,


  1. This is a very beautiful ring and your statement of purpose is powerful and positive. Good news will surely find you next week. Sending you strength from here...

    1. Thanks Melanie. That means a lot!

  2. I love your ring! It's really beautiful and just like a tree it is both strong and yet seems delicately beautiful too. I love your pupose statement. I hope you have painted it on a sign or canvas and posted it somewhere. I am sure your results will come back fine and I will be thinking about you and waiting to hear whatever you feel you want to share. Sending hugs and love!

    1. Thanks Shawna! I haven't put up my purpose statement...maybe I should. Will let you know how things go. Hope things are settling for you a bit :-)

  3. A lovely ring on you and on other levels as well like your creative works. Others would identify with your writing (so well expressed)... as you wait. Thinking of you specially xxxxx D & M

    1. Thanks so much D&M. You are my inspiration!


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