Floribunda gone mad!

This week is Orchid week on Spy Girl 52-Pick-Me-Up
The only problem is I can't find ANY in my closet!
So I rummaged around and found all the flowers in my closet and chucked them on.
Close enough!

Watch out, blinding stockings on the legs!

 If I stand in this garden, 
people will totally believe I'm an orchid!

You want moi to star in your film "The Orchid " in which an orchid comes alive and engulfs a celebrity (!) blogger? 
Oh, I swoon!

Is this my best side?

I am a method actor, immersing myself in my part.

Oh, it's orchid, not orchard!

Hee hee!

Crochet scarf - made by me
Merino jumper - retail (old)
Red skirt - opshop, upcycled
Blue coat - op shop
Stockings - retail
Shoes - op shop
Umbrella - ancient
Ribbon head band - handmade
Brooch - grandma's
Ring - op shop
Earrings - retail (old)

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and my pseudo-hat with Style Crone's Hat Attack.
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And as luck would have it, Sacremento of Mis Papelicos
is having Share-In-Style flower theme, 
along with Alicia of Spashionista
It really is Floribunda gone mad!

Come and throw some flower petals with us all!!

'Til next time, keep creating!
Jazzy Jack

BeautyScope 112: Don't look at the sun!


BeautyScope 111: Meteor shower

water droplets trail 
gleaming shadows

BeautyScope 109: Misty moisty morning

tiny mist drops 
confetti our day
with sparkles

Disco diva

Take a gold leather jacket

with a crystal necklace

and a leopard print top with crystal details,

a mother of pearl bracelet

galaxy leggings

a disco ball,

all in front of a starry night curtain

and what do you have?
 A recipe for a disco!

Watch me dance!

Disco ball  made by Mr Artist
Starry curtain made by Moi
Leather jacket $5 opshop
Leopard print top opshop
Leggings retail Black Milk, gift from gorgeous Bushy
Crystal necklace, bracelet, earrings gifts

Linking with Spy Girl 52 Pick-Me-Up : Disco Diva
Come over and have a dance and see the visible beauty!

'Til next time, keep on creating!
Jazzy Jack

BeautyScope 108: Hide and seek

nimbly dodging back and forth
blooms play cat and mouse
with the photographer's lens

BeautyScope 106: Surface tension

Photo by Mr Actor

lustrous orb 
dangles from grass
one portion of water 

BeautyScope 105: if a tree falls...

Crash! A tree falls!
Transfers goodness into the ground
Horizontal home for wild things

Share-in-style: White and Shoe Shine

Sometimes necessity has to be the mother of invention!

I suddenly realised that Mis Papelicos link up Share-in-style:White was about to close.

I have no one to shoot me ...what a sentence! And to take photos myself with a tripod is a long drawn out process of copying from machine to machine, so I invented Legless Lizzie!

to show you some French bloomers I bought from Etsy.
They are from France in the '20s, and all hand sewn and embroidered on the finest linen

as they are made to be not seen, they aren't the best fit in the world, 
so maybe it's better that Lizzie models them today :-)
Look at the tiny stitches on the French seam! Gasp!

I like to pair it with a thoroughly modern print and fabric.
Leopard print with sparkles!

the bracelet is mother of pearl on coconut

and the shoes, are by Rivers.
I found them at an Op shop for $6. 
They are a size big, so I wear 2 socks, but they are very comfy.
Now I can also link up to Sheila's ShoeShine !

Come on over and see the blinding white beauties, and the shoe hoarders!
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'Til next time, keep creating!
Jazzy Jack

BeautyScope 104: Vibrant moss

In its coat of fluoro green
Is it saying, please beware?
Danger, warning!
Don't step here!

Bloomin' Garden!

This is a new series I will run occasionally about my garden. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I seem to spend an awful lot of time in it for not much reward. 
I'm hoping by focussing on my garden in my blog, I might see some progress.

I love getting outside and putting hands in the dirt, but we have a) very heavy clay soils in Canberra, b) we have a big garden, c) I have a very small amount of energy, d) we have very hot dry summers of 35-40 deg Celsius , and dry cold winters with frost, and e) we have a very energetic dog.

I had a play planting some pots up with succulent cuttings from my parent's garden this weekend. 
I seem to do better with pots. You can move them around to get the right climate, you can adjust the soil easily, no heavy digging.

I also forget about things with my Aspie brain. If I'm not obsessed with it 24 hours of the day, then it's out of sight, out of mind. 
I will look after plants for maybe a week, and then they're on their own. I also never remember when to prune and feed, and I don't spray for health reasons. 
So for all these reasons, gardens have an uphill battle with me.

To make matters worse, my sister and mother are great gardeners, and my dad's parents ran a nursery!

Flowering at the moment is a succulent. (I just noticed it has aphids while cropping the picture!)

A geranium has been trying to bud burst for weeks

some succulent cuttings I potted last weekend

Lavender is flowering (lovely lavender)

and so is rosemary

a wider shot to show all the bare ground around the plants...drives me mad!

here is a dandelion flowering happily, in amongst the few bits of grass

a snow in summer plant with dog protection

two kangaroo paw plants I received on Mother's Day
but was too scared to plant in case they died. 
I finally planted them in the ground
under dog protection, near the cat outdoor cage. 
Look at all the grass not on the lawn!

the cat cage near the bird cage
they sit and talk to each other
the animals, not the cages!

Blueberry and Jade

I love my water pot near the back door that houses 11 fish at last count. They thrive on neglect. We feed them once a week if we remember, never clean it out, and they have babies. They water plants give them oxygen and keep the water clean. That's a win in my book!

Thanks for pottering around my garden with me in the middle of Winter.
We are blessed that anything flowers or grows at this time of year.
I remember when we moved to Vancouver and asked what would grow in Winter on our balcony, they looked at us in surprise and said "nothing"!
Crazy people from Down Under!

'Til next time, keep creating!
Jazzy Jack

BeautyScope 103: Unoccupied house

Whose refuge?
These few sticks
A tree to hug
Sand for bed...
Who goes there?