BeautyScope 119: Kangaroo and joey

in the mist
behind a tree
you can't see me!


  1. A picture like a fairytale :-)
    I very like fog, but with us it is so rare...

  2. Gorgeous etherial picture. We love the blending tones of the kangaroo and old tree. The new tree is looking up to Grandpa?! . D says the mists of time are ever new ! D&M xxxx

  3. Are you sure there is only 1 kangaroo there? Any climbing kangaroos ...or even drop bears ...hiding in the mist?

  4. cute!!!!!
    when i was in australia and saw a kangaroo with a joey the first time in real life - this was soooo touching.....
    great pic. did you wait the whole night in a bush to shoot it in the early morning?

    1. Hee! No but I did stand still for a long time in the freezing mist, until I thought my shutter finger wouldn't work! This is the back of my kids' school. There is a mob of kangaroos that lives there!


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