Lagenlook comfort!

has been exploring the Lagenlook style lately, 
I thought I'd have a go at making something.

A guide for convincingly lazing around in your Lagenlook!

Take a couple of leftover pieces of upholstery

Grab a leftover shoelace and button to fasten with a loop

Line the pockets with mismatching fabric, pinch pleating either side to give the distinctive Lagenlook bulge. That way no one can tell what you have in your pockets.

Pinch pleat the sleeve edge to curve it closer to your arm.
(Do this AFTER you've posted so you have no pictures of it)

Wear with PJs worn as pants 

And carefully dishevelled boots - mine were originally white, colourchanged to blue, and then cracked!

Make sure you pose with a devil-may-care attitude and stifled snigger

And people will think you were born to it!

Linking up with Sheila's Shoe Shine.

'Til next time, keep on creating!
Jazzy Jack


  1. What a great Lagenlook outfit you have created out of that lovely material. The button being featured
    with the shoelace is a fun idea and looks beautiful. M xxxx

  2. Great job! There sure is a lot of sewspiration going on around here. I love it! And can I say how awesomely handsome those shelves are behind you. Beautiful wood work!

    1. Thanks! The shelves also have stained glass sections which I love. It houses Mr Actor's rock collection.

  3. An awesome idea! I'm doing far too little by myself...

  4. It's a flaming wonderful piece! it's fabulous and an amazing Lagenlook reclining outfit, will you wear it outdoors too? you could casually sashay and wander about in it too! ps thank you for your sewing machine advice too, my sewing machine is a hand crank ancient one, she's a diva and only lets me sew a straight stitch pah!! x x x

    1. Thanks! One site for Lagenlook described it as 'wafting in style' which I love. I will definitely sashay and waft outside the house too!
      I'm so impressed you managed to sew a dress on a handcrank machine! They weren't made to cater for jersey :-)
      I remember starting school sewing on a treadle machine (not that I'm old, it was in PNG!) and trying to guide needle along lined paper while someone else treadled! I kept going backwards. It's a wonder it didn't turn me off for life! XO JJ

  5. Bravo! Such a great spirit, loved it all!!

  6. Everyone's gone la la for lagenlook :0)

  7. I LOVE your Lagenlook! Gorgeous pattern and fabrict and you mixed it SO well.. looks perfect!
    Lagenlook is not that simple as it looks like, you must have a very good feeling for colors, pattern, fabrics, your own figure, proportions and you did it just great! :)


  8. Lagenlook is everywhere at the moment! What fabulous fabric, you did a great job - love the pocket and button detail. xxx

  9. hihi!
    great design! but i LOVE your text! we would have a lot of fun as design team and vix and curtise do the management ;-)

  10. Its a work of art, you look show-stoppingly fabulous! I love Beate's idea, lets form a collective. xxxx

  11. I could never pull this off. You are beyond clever and fabulous for making your Lagenlook work!


  12. Really interesting prints!


  13. That's an awesome vest - I love the layering! Those shoes are fabulous - I can see why you didn't wan to give them up! Thank you for linking up to Shoe Shine!


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