Jazzy photos

I photographed an outfit I thought was interesting, 
then went off it.
So I've explored PixlrExpress to see if I can jazz it up a bit!

Converse sneakers...framed!


Sock suspenders, lifting the skirt...on fire!

Drapey swoopy see-through scarf

See me sparkle!

I emerge from the gloom

Like a rocket launched into space

Spreading stars around, in my own little galaxy.

Scarf - retail(old)
Jumper - op shop
Dress as skirt - retail(old)
Sock suspenders - handmade
Tights - retail
Socks - retail
Boots - retail
Jacket - retail(old)
Earrings - handmade by wonderful Sister
Stars - free!

'Til next time, keep on creating!
Jazzy Jack

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  1. Bahaha, I'm using Pxlr Express too, although not as awesome as you did here :D Love the suspenders!

  2. Ooooh I LOVE this outfit SO much!!
    If I could I would wear it exactly the same way you do! Very edgy, fresh, stylish, indivudual... wonderful! The scarf is awesome and fits perfectly to this outfit.
    I must have this kind of shoes for fall!! :)

    have a wonderful weekend dear friend
    Dana :)

    1. Thanks so much Dana! That is a compliment indeed, coming from such a stylish person as you! XO JJ

  3. You are very creative! Did you have to clean up much sparkle dust after your photo shoot?
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I saw your comment on peaches and had to see your blog and love it!
    Tks for the brilliant advice on needle for jersey, I'm so not a sewer, lol but now I know what to do if I want to sew knits or jerseys!
    I love what you did on that post very cute and love the suspender idea, very clever


  5. Whoohoo What a fun creative journey with you. Glad you didn't end up in space but brought the sparkles down ! D&M xxxx

  6. So much to see! I like that foot tapping picture. And I swear I have a scarf just like that, only in a bronzey color from China. I have yet to figure out what to do with it. But you have brilliantly. Your ensemble is so full of creative force, practicality and fun - just like you. Not to mention your pictures.

    1. I love that sum up Pao. Creative force, practicality and fun...could have been written about you! I wanna see your scarf!

  7. Can't beat a denim jacket, I swear by mine! Great effects too! xxx

  8. Such sweet sneaks! I love the vibrant colour. Thanks for linking up to Shoe Shine!

    That scarf is really cool - I like the sheer with the tint of colour.


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