Angelic Autumn

I have here for your Autumn perusal, an Autumn/Fall coloured outfit but as I live in Australia, 
I just happened to wear in Spring!
The basis to the outfit is a long skirt, worn with an olive green jacket and a silk scarf...all thrifted.
(I love the twisted knot I achieved)

I also wore a thrifted silk wrap jacket in multi prints!

The skirt was a long strapless dress, but as I have no verandah to keep it up, I removed the top section and attached men's braces. Real vintage ones, still going strong.

Also see the socks and thrifted shoes! 
I love the print on the skirt, which confuses the eye.
Interesting colours too.

Because it is pseudo-Autumn, I added some leaves 
hanging on our kitchen wall.

And made myself into an angel!

Angel Angela
has come down to earth
with her autumn leaf inspired wings
because she loooves jumping in leaf piles
crunching crisp crackly detritus
from nature's bounty
twirling and whirling
faster and faster
she stomps and swirls
whipping up the leaves
into eddies of colour
dancing in reds, oranges, and yellows
she is on fire!

Thanks to Sacremento of Mis Papelicos for the inspiration...
I did this just for youuuuu!
Come over to Share-in-style and see the Autumnal feast.
As always, keep creating!

Jazzy Jack


  1. Today is the day of the Archangel Michael and I can discover it here! Wow!
    This time with us is called Michaelis-summer and really today is a wonderful warm summerday ( I don't need today my autumn plaid)
    Your skirt with the men's braches is a great idea and the silk wrap jacket could be mine.
    I like, how you wear it all famous together, but on me it would be to many pattern... -

  2. angel? i see a wild forest fairy!
    awesome autumnal pattern and texture mixing! that wrap jacked is such a beauty! great idea to turn a useless dress into a very useful and chic skirt.
    and again a lovely poem to read to the nature around me. the flowers were very happy about the last one!
    love xxxxxx

  3. That skirt is wild - I thought it was knitted at first! Love it with the braces, totally transformed by a humble pair of braces. The poem is gorgeous. xxx

  4. I sooooo love seeing YOU on fire! Love this outfit so much! Everything!! The pattern of the dress/skirt plus the "braces" as you call them (we use the word "suspenders" :)... everything, everything, the pattern mix is just awesome! Colors too! The angel, the poem - all! Sending you so much love you can't even handle it all at once! :) xxxxx

  5. I see a fairy from the bottom of the garden ... you're so creative :0)

  6. :) I love the suspenders. Great outfit!

  7. What a great dressing story with the cleverly knotted scarf. Love all the tones you put together and your creative skirt and of course the jackets....specially the silk. Then you blow us away with your last picture. The poem says it all. We can see you in the leaves having so much fun! We'll join you there! D&M xxxx

  8. What a great outfit - the laters, the prints, the colours, the textures, all gorgeous! And you look so long and lean, like a tall willowy autumn tree! On fire indeed - don't singe those wings, love! xxxx

  9. I absolutely LOVE how you dress, you take my breath away every time and then Bam! you provide us with Angel Jazzy Jack and the most sublime Autumnal poem, you are blumming brilliant x x x

  10. You are an angel, sweetie!
    I adore - ADORE - that skirt! FYI, I have too much "veranduh" for a strapless dress, so neither extreme works well ;-)
    Happy Spring!


  11. My dearest jazzy, ahhhhhh you make my heart go all soft inside. You are a beautiful angel and I adore your knitted skirt tons
    I have been saying hallo to everybody who linked, it was the words and numbers what make me write about it in the next post.
    I have spam once, I just deleted it, and carried on.
    You are wonderfulllllllllllllllllll

  12. Those suspenders are brilliant!


  13. You are just so delightful! No wonder you are so well loved both on and offline. I love your leaf wings! If I had wings I would want them to be leaf wings just like that. I got a good chuckle out of the veranda-never heard it called that but new instantly what you meant. I think 'front porch' might be good too. I had a pet guinea pig who loved perching on top of my chest. I called it the guinea pig shelf.
    Back to your fabulous ensemble which, by the way, really suits your lovely figure. The dress makes me think of a sort of psychedelic snakeskin. The patterns in that silk top are so pretty I would like to officially adopt you as my sister so I can raid your closet and borrow it. Your shoes are exactly what I would wear. In fact I would buy some just like it and then feel guilty because I already have three or four similar styles and then I would find how they are different in some small way and be satisfied with that justification.
    Happy Spring, you dear Leafy Angel


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