BeautyScope 155: Hammock hummock

almost summer
hammock in the sun
with closed umbrella
still peace
to me

My home yesterday as I coped with not coping.
I have some heart racing which will take a while to sort out, so I can't do much lately.
Here is my beautiful hammock in the sun 
to lull my heart to slowness :-)

Hopefully usual broadcasts will commence shortly.
Until then, keep creating!
Love you all!!!
Jazzy Jack


  1. We feel for you Dearest J.J. We send our love. Your garden corner is very inviting. We hope you will be able to enjoy your hammock. D&M xxxxoooo

  2. Feel better soon!!! Kick that heart in the butt! :D Your garden, I want to live in it! O_O

  3. Yes, do feel better soon, I couldn't enjoy the day in the same way without some Jazzy entertainment!

    If that hammock truly is in your yard, I would say take 2 hours of swings and call me in the morning. Oh, and don't let all the Boyz come in to your Yard with that hammock there!! That would not help your healing one bit!

  4. Have a good restful time in your beautiful world. Let joy be with you. :)
    Lots of love xxxxxxx

  5. Rlaxing in your beautiful garden must be good for the soul, feel better soon. xxx

  6. with that fab hammock in this peaceful place and with that lovely weather your heart should calm down soon :-)
    my best wishes!!!!! and some kisses!

  7. Rest well and take care of your lovely self, the hammock looks like a relaxing cocoon *sending hugs* x x x x

  8. Hey JJ- I hope you feel rested and better soon. I'm sending over some hugs and good vibes.

  9. Oh I feel for You! Must be in the Genes. Get better my beautiful fun sis xx

  10. I hope your heart racing has stopped by now. I am getting caught up or at least trying to. I've always wanted a hammock but never had the right spot for one. I hope yours helps you and I'll send some extra love in case a hammock isn't enough. xoxo


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