I hope you like red, because this post is full of it!

Read any good books lately?

Paisley dress, red corduroy dress, jacket, scarf, hat - op shop
Shoes a great deal - Alegria maryjanes for $3!

Are you ready?

 I know you are, I read your mind!

Black wool dress, white Country Road shirt, red knitted coat, leather jacket, red silk scarf - op shop
Hamlet tragic leggings - retail Black Milk
Merino gloves with fantails - retail NZ Jill Main
Shoes - retail Converse

I need to take off my jacket, it's sweltering in here, I am roseate of hue!

Vest - Country Road op shop

I am sharing my readiness with Patti's Visible Monday
And also with Sheila's Shoe Shine to share my Allegrias.
'Til next time, keep creating! 
Jazzy Jack


  1. Hamlet leggings! Love these looks, and esp your long red sweater. I am longing for a cool day. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. You look incredible in red! That first outfit makes me swoon, the cord dress looks wonderful with the red coat and Hamlet leggings? Sheer brilliance. xxx

  3. Yes, red is a wonderful color on you!! And those tights have words on them!!!! I love words!!

    And yes, I've read a good book lately but haven't finished it because it's a huge collection of Ray Bradbury stories. I just read the Illustrated Man.

    I really like the black dress you're wearing too. Great shaping!

  4. Red is my favourite colour to wear when I need to perk myself up a bit, and it looks strong and fabulous on you! Love the paisley frock, and the Hamlet leggings are awesome. The black wool dress is pretty cool too! xxx

  5. I love red and I love your compositions a lot.
    You are so magic

  6. Yes! I adore red! and I adore you in it! you are gorgeous in it and I absolutely love the way you dress, each outfit is utterly fabulous and I do like black too, your black dress and Hamlet leggings are both gorgeous and so, so cool x x x

  7. WOW! What a rich post! I love all the outfits, but the first one is a bomb! Adooore it! :) Lovely leggings - so unexpected. And the vest is quite lovely, and the long cardi - I have a soft spot for them too. You look so stylish and so pretty in red - such a burst of energy! xxx

  8. like? LOVE!
    gorgeous red outfits! the paisley dress is so beautiful and i need a red beret now. and this shakespear leggings!
    red looks fab on you! you should wear it more. and i discovered that when i feel dull that wearing something red helps to lift my mood.......

  9. Wow! I loved all the outfits. But the black and white one was my favorite. Oh yeah, that and the tights. Super cool!

  10. Those leggings are INSANE!!! I love love love them : )


  11. We agree with all the above. The paisley showing out from under the red is lovely and the fantail mittens are great. It was fun journey seeing the modelled clothes! D&M xxxx

  12. I do love red! I see that you too do! You have quite a choice of red things in your wardrobe :) All the combinations that you showed here are interesting and pretty. My favourite is the one shown on the first photo. The paisley dress is simply amazing.

  13. Those tights are the essence of coolness, especially with all your layers of red hot energy. Fire away!

  14. lovely in red!!, love that paisley dress and pretty beret, love your plaid cardigan, love that knitted coat and fabulous leggings!, and your pretty embroidered vest!!

  15. Gah so much envy!!! I am green while you are red. LOVE that paisley dress and those leggings and that black dress and everything really. You look amazing! Stop it! No, just kidding-keep doing it. I am coming over now though to steal your clothes. WHERE can I get some of those leggings?

  16. Waaaahhhhh!!!! The tights ... O, Tragic Tights! My heart! I swoon. Best things ever.
    You look fabulous in your ruby hues, and am so pleased I stopped by. It's hot and nasty here, but I am inspired and am taking notes.

  17. I've been missing too many of your posts! Rrrrravishing red. All of these outfits make my heart sing. So gorgeous!


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