BeautyScope 172: Pink pig face

pig face abundance
shouts aloud
I am available


  1. are the flowers are called "schweinegesicht" or is it the shape of all the pink blooms together in which one might see a piggy????
    scratches head.....

  2. ...or is it called that because it looks like a pig clambering over a fence? Pretty pretty pig though!

  3. Beautiful image, unexpected plant name. :) I like what you and Mascha do with one (or more, in Mascha's case) picture a day - and with added little poetry, in your case. You might just inspire me to try this form of art too! If only I could find my pocket camera........

  4. Pig face?
    It looks like a fantastic spring...

  5. are the flowers called pig face? (when i saw the title, i had to visit! we love pigs around here!)

  6. gorgeous cascading colour...always a delight to see...puts a smile on anyone's face and here's another. DA DA!!!

    The swans have at least 3 babies guarded by Mum & Dad on the pontoon! M&D xxxx


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