Long weekend dramas, Fair Isle, and knickerbockers

Well our long weekend away has finished, only a week later. There were some dramas which caused it to streeeeetch!
First off, Bushy and the kids and the dog Winter took off in the campervan Brumhilda to take the dog to the cousins for many pats and looking after, as my parents are in a retirement home. Then they would come on to Mum and Dad's.
I was to take the car straight to Mum and Dad's to conserve my energy. The best laid plans...

I faffed about getting ready and looking forward to a leisurely saunter up the highway, stopping at a coffee place, taking lots of clothes as I had the car to myself.
Nearly finished packing and I receive a phone call from Bushy.
"Where are you?" "I'm still at home" "Oh" "Why?" "The campervan has blown up and we are stuck half an hour from our destination"
This is not the first time this has happened. Twice before we have been rescued from our campervan's engine problems.

So needless to say instead of my leisurely saunter, I ended up racing up the highway to pick up the kids and Winter in the four wheel drive (so Winter could fit...we have 3 vehicles) and continue the delivery, so Bushy could deal with the campervan.
I was in such a state by the time I got to them, and Bushy had calmed right down, having had two hours to brew a pot of tea, and read a book! The kids popped the top and played card games. Good thing it was the camper!

Elsie (land cruiser, geddit?) the knight in shining armour!

We pay premium insurance for this situation, and they towed the camper all the way back to Canberra. Bushy jumped straight into the car Olivia/Oliver (two names because the boys want Oliver, but Bushy only has female car names:-) and landed on my parent's doorstep at 11pm after 6 hours back and forth on the highway :-/
Fortunately Winter was charm herself and made many friends in the 6 child household. It actually was great I ended up at my sister's because her twins were doing a sewing project I could help with. Eg. Explaining the difference between facings and interfacings! (Hello you two, if you are listening. Hope all is going well :-) And of course catch up with my sister!

A photo of Winter showing off her charm.

Winter even lets Smart-Blue sleep in her bed. She is a true walkover..I mean, lady.

We had a lovely long weekend, visiting Bushy's mum and swimming in my parent's pool. Bushy headed home with Winter and we decided to stay another day. That was when I thought it would be OK to test Mr Actor on cauliflower again since he had been off it for years due to a suspected food allergy. Food allergies are the worst because it's so hard to identify the culprit! Unless you have the can't-breathe-quick-rush-me-to-emergency type! 
So surprise surprise, he felt sick, not long after, and we had to lengthen our stay. He has symptoms like he has been poisoned, with aches and pains, in limbs and headaches, and nausea. So now we know! And I promised him no more testing!!
(He is now feeling more himself)

I've been experimenting with Fair Isle knitting, and managed to produce some fingerless gloves with fleur de lis! Mr Artist decided they were mighty fine...hey, they were mine!

Definitely has a future as a hand model, not ;-)

I have a couple of outfits I haven't shared for whatever reason, so here are some knickerbocker outfits!

Knickerbockers - markets, 
Rayon shirt and crocheted vest - op shop, 
shoes -old, painted by me

Knickerbockers - vintage Etsy, 
wool dress, shirt, shell necklace - op shop, 
tights, socks, Converse - retail, old. 
Winter - very expensive model we hired to raise the tone of the shoot.

I've just been to see the Advanced Style Movie, and wore the red outfit(with a belt, minus the vest, with a new hat) Loved the movie. Such beauty, glamour, style and chutzpah! Alas no one offered to photograph me ;-)

Hope you have all been behaving disgracefully while I've been away. Will be over soon to catch up.

many hugs,
'til next time, keep creating and being unique!
Jazzy Jack


  1. Thanks for the help! It was much needed and appreciated!! M.W

  2. First of all I must hug you and say thank you SOOOO much for your so VERY lovely comments dear JJ. It´s always a big pleasure to read them and always (really always!) you put a smile on my face! :)
    The comment with the rollercoaster... awesome! ;)
    So now back to your outfits.. I love this black dress and the knickebockers.. What a gorgeous idea to wear knickebockers under a dress.. never seen this before! JJ you have to be a fashion designer, I´m sure many ladies will wear your individual designs :)
    The dog is sooo cute.. love this breed very much.

    wish you a wonderful and sunny weekend dear friend
    Dana :)

  3. Sorry to hear, but such is life and you tell stories soooooooo well
    I love, love your jazzy outfits, my dear Jazzy, lol
    What on earth did I say on the Advanced Style Movie? people write to me but I have no idea.
    Tonssssssssssss of love
    See you Monday on Share-in-Style
    Enjoy the weekend

  4. oh my! what a adventure! but you tell this story with so much humor - and the car names kill me :-D
    i´m happy that you are back and all are ok. - including poor mr actor!
    love both knickerbocker outfits! you know, knickerbockers are my choice if i have to wear pants and it´s to cold for shorts (skiing for example)

  5. I'm glad you are all back home safe and sound but that overall the adventures were enjoyable. I love your sense of humour and even if you don't feel like you can take things all in stride at the time, you are good at reflecting on them with wit and wisdom. Poor Actor having a cauliflower trauma while on vacation! Food intolerances can be so odd. I seem to have had an attack of one yesterday which I suspect was some accidental exposure to gluten. Well life is never dull!

    I have only ever had one named car. I called him Oswald and for some reason ever since Oswald no other car has ever told me its name.

    Your fingerless gloves are lovely and I envy your knitting and sewing skills. Perhaps you need to knit a pair for The Artist too.

    Love your outfits and I am particularly drawn to the black and white one. So glad to have you back. You were missed!

  6. Adventures galore, by a story teller extraordinare. And the photos, the names, all good fun to read about after the fact. Glad all ended well.

    Knickerbockers, bloomers, pantaloons, petit pants. Doesn't one always wear them under a dress or skirt, and if they show, it's all the better?! Yes, yes indeed. I must say, yours are lovely. And uniquely displayed in their respective ensembles.

    Advanced Style is coming to Chicago in two weeks. A group of us girls are getting dressed up to see it for the opening evening downtown. Can't wait.


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