Perilous Voyage Across Lake Rotorua by Paddleboat

Hello me hearties! How about joining the intrepid voyagers, exploring Lake Rotorua (ex-volcano!)
If you look hard, you can see the craft on the top right of this photo. The wind was rising. I had already abandoned my hat!

Here she is SS Lakeland Queen, complete with people being shot (help!)

All aboard! (Rotorua's sulphurous air rusts EVERYTHING!)

Famous explorers, Bushy and Mstrs Actor and Artist, inspect the sea worthiness of our vessel.

Evidently it passed inspection because the captain and copilot (cocaptain?) carefully ease us out of our berth. 
(Copilot Mr Actor made his own shirt!)

Mr Artist checks up on the paddle wheel.
Hmm yes, I think we are going straight.

The wind rises as we head out into the caldera.
I hope the volcano doesn't decide to blow!

Mr Artist, being the scientist on board, decides to conduct some wind experiments. (Shhh top secret!)

An explorer must look their best at all times!
Here I am attired in my night sky leggings-retail Black Milk;  
tunic, leather jacket, and scarf- thrifted.

Well we managed to escape danger and return to shore with our top secret data intact.
Farewell Lakeland Queen! 

So ahoy and, wrong genre... 
see ya later, mate!
'Til next time, keep creating and showing your beauty to the world, one gorgeous attribute at a time!
Jazzy Jack 
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Kiwi thrifting and scarf play!

Warning photo heavy!!!

Hello you gorgeous peeps! I'm back! Back from The Land of the Long White Cloud,  aka Aotearoa, aka New Zealand. It is as beautiful as ever, and I'll share some piccies later on.

To start off, I have a photo Bushy took of me taking a possible BeautyScope shot. Typical me, out in the middle of a lake, balancing on a rock, fully dressed to go out, with my shopping over my arm!

This is Lake Rotorua, and I'm taking shots of carvings in the rock...trying not to include my feet!

I visited my favourite consignment shop in Rotorua when we were there. I was in luck, there was a sale! Yes please! I abandoned my family to putput golf, and tried on a few pieces. I found 6 items, at $10 each! Now how to fit them in the suitcase...hmmm.

  A lovely cream linen shirt with buttons down the back.

 A light cotton shirt with interesting majorette detailing and a navy linen dress with apple shaped buttons.

 Two jackets found their way into my grasp, a print stretchy one that rolls up into a tiny ball...great for summer emergency cover. And a cotton twill white jacket with cute fraying edges.

Finally a silk velvet stole, lined in silk with bead detailing. Gorgeous colour! 

This is the amazing bag I bought on a market stall. A maori tiki face embroidered on to recycled fabrics, with a tie handle. She didn't include a label, so can't tell you her name. Gorgeous machine embroidery!

I had a play with some of my scarves today. This is the lovely coloured rainbow they make in my drawer. Wouldn't that entice you to play?

Here I have combined a beige wrap with a silk velvet flower pin I bought in Rotorua.

 This is a multicoloured rectangle silk scarf...I just love its sheen. 

And finally a trio of square greeny striped silk tied on the side with a half bow, a twisted green silk oblong scarf tied at the back, and a viscose gauzy wrap tied into a turban.
In the first shot you can also see the new white jacket.

 Here I am wearing my new navy linen dress, with a headband made of ribbon to which I have pinned a clown brooch. He's having a lie down as clowning can be very exhausting! On my wrist is a necklace twisted into a bracelet. 

 While in NZ I caught up with my good friend, and we spent a day at Lava Glass just south of Rotorua. I couldn't resist this little mushroom to go with the blue and orange bowl (first pic) Bushy and I bought ourselves for our wedding anniversary a while ago. It seems to be interesting our little worm ...! 

So back down to earth. After those glamorous poses, this is how I ventured out into the rain to collect the kids from school! 
(shorts added for decency, new gumboots thrifted...first wearing:)

So my lovelies, until next time, 

keep creating and showing your uniqueness to the world!
Jazzy Jack 

BeautyScope 180: Lavender parasols

photo taken by Mr Artist

lavender parasols lifted high
flutter like flames in the sky
igniting bees passing by

Scarf it all down!

I am hating IOS 8. Nothing works on the ipad as it did. I write on my ipad because at least it scrolls in Blogger. My computer won't even do that!
As I type the screen bounces from where I'm typing back to the top and back every second letter, so I have no idea what I'm saying. So please excuse any typos.
Also the formatting has gone scuewiff and have to trick it into giving me an enlarging tool. Arrgh! Tearing hair out starts now!! So you know I must love you to write this post. Hopefully Santa will bring a new computer for Christmas and I can stop moaning :-)

Been having a famine on good outfits to post lately, but I had a scarf haul the other week. 
Here they are airing and dancing on the clothes line.
All the scarves below were $3 each!
This one is cotton, highly textured, and gathered in places.
I have another like this in blue/green, which has been handy as a hood in the wind.

I Looove silk scarves! This is a very pale pink slubbed 
weave which I couldn't put back!

A square silk scarf, made by Bellino, with handrolled edges to the right side, giving a green edge.

Then I scored three wraps. Only polyester or some man made material, but I don't mind them.
Firstly this gorgeous plum colour which really suits me...

then this lovely brocade weave gold and black...

and finally this red, orange and yellow way out one! All the patterns!

I also scored two garments. A Zara Men cotton jumper in black and white stripes, made in Bulgaria Ms Keit!

...and a rayon coat that looks surprisingly good over my short black dress.
(Note: I called this 'old lady' and was justifiably called on my use of the term by reader Jan!- love you Jan) 

This is the only decent photo of me in a new outfit. I am wearing the pink scarf from the clothes line. I find silk is great for turbans as it grips itself. Not slippery like nylon.

I'm also wearing an oversize silk(!) shirt. I paid $5 for it. I think they missed the very small label in the seam, proclaiming its silkness! I went away cackling! 
Hee! Hee! Hee!
It matches my silk gown from my Favourite Print post.


That's all for now, my lovelies. We have an exciting trip to NZ coming up next week! We'll be revisiting Rotorua for 10 days. Can't wait. So stay tuned for photos of this and more adventures when we return.

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Keep on creating, and showing your unique beauty to the world!
Jazzy Jack 

BeautyScope 178: Fluffy white balls

perfect little snowballs
decorate the spine of a leaf
...precursor of death?

Poem - Aussie Landscape

A change of pace.
Here is a poem I wrote when we returned to Australia after living in New Zealand. 
I saw the Australian landscape with new eyes.

brown rusty paddocks
lines of red steel 
contour the ground

gold dusty stubble
trees latch onto 
the old dry land

cows graze on rubble
a jagged river 
hacks time into the earth.

(C) JJ 16/11/2009

'Til next time, keep creating!
Jazzy Jack

BeautyScope 175: Blue vase

feeling blue
I turn to you
a vortex of aqua
bubbly inclusions
coloured in gold
light bounces through 
leaves stained glass 
shadows on my table

your smooth cold surface
cools my heated face
while I stare in your depths
leaving the world behind
floating in my mind
amongst your watery hues
playing catch with golden bubbles
...and giggling too