BeautyScope 180: Lavender parasols

photo taken by Mr Artist

lavender parasols lifted high
flutter like flames in the sky
igniting bees passing by


  1. hhhmmmm - lavender! in german "lavendel" - yesterday i did ribble the last harvest of this gorgeous smelling herb after drying it in the attic. love to see the opposite nature circle at yours!
    wish you a wonderful not-to-hot summer! xxxxxxxx

  2. Beautiful photo by Mr. Artist, lovely poem by you!

  3. Glad to see you back! Are you back? :)
    The image is striking, and the poem is a beauty. Love the smell and color, and the whole look of lavender. There is such softness about it... We have lavender farms and festivals here, but I have not been to one just yet.

  4. Welcome home! We've a lavender border, i always think they look like ears. x

  5. Love lavender and the smell.. gorgeous! This pic is amazing.. could be a postcard or a big poster on a wall.. OR.. a picture over a whole wall :)

    have a beautiful and sunny week dear friend

  6. Great shot! I love the look of the various types of lavender, but I am not so keen on the smell, gives me a headache! xxx


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