Kiwi thrifting and scarf play!

Warning photo heavy!!!

Hello you gorgeous peeps! I'm back! Back from The Land of the Long White Cloud,  aka Aotearoa, aka New Zealand. It is as beautiful as ever, and I'll share some piccies later on.

To start off, I have a photo Bushy took of me taking a possible BeautyScope shot. Typical me, out in the middle of a lake, balancing on a rock, fully dressed to go out, with my shopping over my arm!

This is Lake Rotorua, and I'm taking shots of carvings in the rock...trying not to include my feet!

I visited my favourite consignment shop in Rotorua when we were there. I was in luck, there was a sale! Yes please! I abandoned my family to putput golf, and tried on a few pieces. I found 6 items, at $10 each! Now how to fit them in the suitcase...hmmm.

  A lovely cream linen shirt with buttons down the back.

 A light cotton shirt with interesting majorette detailing and a navy linen dress with apple shaped buttons.

 Two jackets found their way into my grasp, a print stretchy one that rolls up into a tiny ball...great for summer emergency cover. And a cotton twill white jacket with cute fraying edges.

Finally a silk velvet stole, lined in silk with bead detailing. Gorgeous colour! 

This is the amazing bag I bought on a market stall. A maori tiki face embroidered on to recycled fabrics, with a tie handle. She didn't include a label, so can't tell you her name. Gorgeous machine embroidery!

I had a play with some of my scarves today. This is the lovely coloured rainbow they make in my drawer. Wouldn't that entice you to play?

Here I have combined a beige wrap with a silk velvet flower pin I bought in Rotorua.

 This is a multicoloured rectangle silk scarf...I just love its sheen. 

And finally a trio of square greeny striped silk tied on the side with a half bow, a twisted green silk oblong scarf tied at the back, and a viscose gauzy wrap tied into a turban.
In the first shot you can also see the new white jacket.

 Here I am wearing my new navy linen dress, with a headband made of ribbon to which I have pinned a clown brooch. He's having a lie down as clowning can be very exhausting! On my wrist is a necklace twisted into a bracelet. 

 While in NZ I caught up with my good friend, and we spent a day at Lava Glass just south of Rotorua. I couldn't resist this little mushroom to go with the blue and orange bowl (first pic) Bushy and I bought ourselves for our wedding anniversary a while ago. It seems to be interesting our little worm ...! 

So back down to earth. After those glamorous poses, this is how I ventured out into the rain to collect the kids from school! 
(shorts added for decency, new gumboots thrifted...first wearing:)

So my lovelies, until next time, 

keep creating and showing your uniqueness to the world!
Jazzy Jack 


  1. Great finds! Love the embroidered bag and the mushroom especially. You do have a way with scarves! How beautiful and elegant and accurate they look on your head. You should give a couple of master classes :)

  2. you are a pro in turban tying! i have to take one of this classes olga mentioned!
    love the pic with you on the rock! and i would like to dive in your scarf drawer..... your newest finds are fab and so very you. and they all go together, what is a plus in my book. the glass mushroom is soooo cute, no wonder the worm is attracted :-)
    you look pretty in beachdress, shorts and wellies!

  3. You are so cute! I love it when you tie your scarf into a turban like that, it looks wonderfully elegant!
    You found some great stuff, well worth sacrificing the golf! xxx

  4. Welcome back! I didn't know there were so many different ways to wear scarves! ;) The apple buttons sound super cute. :) Good finds!

  5. I am totally in admiration for both the way you store your scarves collection AND the way you create beautiful head pieces with them. You look gorgeous in turbans, and I too vote for a master class! Please please share your skills with us! The linen dress is perfect on you! So glad to see you are back and in a good spirit too. Vacations and travels are so much needed for our sanity. :) With love xxxx

  6. What great finds! I have a black fringed jacket in cotton, the same shape as your white one only I think it needs an alteration to fit better. The silk wrap is GORGEOUS!! The first two head wraps you did are my favourite but you really do suit a head wrap and look good in them all. I love your going out to get the kids outfit. You look so cute in it too!

  7. You are back - with so many nice finds and details! Could all time look and look... And you wear summer dresses, during I knit warm sweaters...
    I like the play with colors too, in my closet, on me (of course!) and often on clothesline, I sort all in matching, make color plays...
    Have a quiet time (I'm in a hurry now, because I must go to the Charity org. to get foods, today is the "Table day")

  8. A trip that involves appreciating the natural beauty around us AND a little shopping sounds ideal! You found some lovely things, and you certainly have a great way with a scarf, they suit you so well! xxx

  9. What a perfect holiday! New Zealand is so beautiful and on top of all of that beauty you scored good!! a scarf drawer sounds perfect (I would like drawers in general, I haven't even got one for my knickers hehe!) you are the Queen of scarves and turbans, you always look exquisite in them - the glass mushroom is so pretty too x x x

  10. Hahaha, you're the most adorable crazy lady ever! :D I love the navy dress, I saw it and I was like "whoa!". Then I saw the photos where you're wearing it and I was like "Bingo!" :D What is this lava glass mushroom thingy? It looks so cute!


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