Perilous Voyage Across Lake Rotorua by Paddleboat

Hello me hearties! How about joining the intrepid voyagers, exploring Lake Rotorua (ex-volcano!)
If you look hard, you can see the craft on the top right of this photo. The wind was rising. I had already abandoned my hat!

Here she is SS Lakeland Queen, complete with people being shot (help!)

All aboard! (Rotorua's sulphurous air rusts EVERYTHING!)

Famous explorers, Bushy and Mstrs Actor and Artist, inspect the sea worthiness of our vessel.

Evidently it passed inspection because the captain and copilot (cocaptain?) carefully ease us out of our berth. 
(Copilot Mr Actor made his own shirt!)

Mr Artist checks up on the paddle wheel.
Hmm yes, I think we are going straight.

The wind rises as we head out into the caldera.
I hope the volcano doesn't decide to blow!

Mr Artist, being the scientist on board, decides to conduct some wind experiments. (Shhh top secret!)

An explorer must look their best at all times!
Here I am attired in my night sky leggings-retail Black Milk;  
tunic, leather jacket, and scarf- thrifted.

Well we managed to escape danger and return to shore with our top secret data intact.
Farewell Lakeland Queen! 

So ahoy and, wrong genre... 
see ya later, mate!
'Til next time, keep creating and showing your beauty to the world, one gorgeous attribute at a time!
Jazzy Jack 
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with all our jazzy legs!


  1. Aren't you fun?! Loved traveling and exploring with you! xxx

  2. "eine seefahrt die lustig...." (sing it) or "la paloma" :-D
    the shirt is fantastic!

  3. I can just about feel the brisk sea air :0)

  4. What a great trip, thanks for bringing me along! Love your leggings and your fabulously attired menfolk! x

  5. Wonderful fun family team. I love your leggings.

  6. Great family trip and beautiful family on board! You look fine but your men look fine,too!!! So good you creat memories together.

  7. Mr Actor's shirt is something I'd wore out wearing, it's so freakin cool! :D
    Haha, awesome voyage, look so fun! I'm afraid of boats, but looking at photos of boat trips is soothing :d

  8. Ooh, I do love a boat trip! Fabulous views, a funky family, and a good time was had by all! xxx


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