Scarf it all down!

I am hating IOS 8. Nothing works on the ipad as it did. I write on my ipad because at least it scrolls in Blogger. My computer won't even do that!
As I type the screen bounces from where I'm typing back to the top and back every second letter, so I have no idea what I'm saying. So please excuse any typos.
Also the formatting has gone scuewiff and have to trick it into giving me an enlarging tool. Arrgh! Tearing hair out starts now!! So you know I must love you to write this post. Hopefully Santa will bring a new computer for Christmas and I can stop moaning :-)

Been having a famine on good outfits to post lately, but I had a scarf haul the other week. 
Here they are airing and dancing on the clothes line.
All the scarves below were $3 each!
This one is cotton, highly textured, and gathered in places.
I have another like this in blue/green, which has been handy as a hood in the wind.

I Looove silk scarves! This is a very pale pink slubbed 
weave which I couldn't put back!

A square silk scarf, made by Bellino, with handrolled edges to the right side, giving a green edge.

Then I scored three wraps. Only polyester or some man made material, but I don't mind them.
Firstly this gorgeous plum colour which really suits me...

then this lovely brocade weave gold and black...

and finally this red, orange and yellow way out one! All the patterns!

I also scored two garments. A Zara Men cotton jumper in black and white stripes, made in Bulgaria Ms Keit!

...and a rayon coat that looks surprisingly good over my short black dress.
(Note: I called this 'old lady' and was justifiably called on my use of the term by reader Jan!- love you Jan) 

This is the only decent photo of me in a new outfit. I am wearing the pink scarf from the clothes line. I find silk is great for turbans as it grips itself. Not slippery like nylon.

I'm also wearing an oversize silk(!) shirt. I paid $5 for it. I think they missed the very small label in the seam, proclaiming its silkness! I went away cackling! 
Hee! Hee! Hee!
It matches my silk gown from my Favourite Print post.


That's all for now, my lovelies. We have an exciting trip to NZ coming up next week! We'll be revisiting Rotorua for 10 days. Can't wait. So stay tuned for photos of this and more adventures when we return.

Sharing with Patti's Visible Monday. All the best dressed beauties are seen there. Come and have a gander!

Keep on creating, and showing your unique beauty to the world!
Jazzy Jack 


  1. Wow. That is quite the come up. I especially like the red, orange and yellow scarf. Yeah, stupid computers. Love 'em, hate 'em!

  2. You have scarves for every situation....the silk scarf and the gorgeous blue blouse look great on you! D&M xxxx

  3. What an impressive collection! Wonderful colours and textures. I love silk too, your shirt looks amazing. Would be great to see photos from your trip!

  4. Wow, some lovely scores there, the bright red/orange/yellow scarf is my favourite, and your blue silk tunic is a beauty. That rayon floaty coat thingy has a kimono vibe going on, and style bloggers love those, so you are more fashionable than you know!
    Enjoy your NZ trip! xxx

  5. computer *§#%''&+*!!!!!
    but what a great haul!!! the square printed one is my fav. and believe it or not - i have the red/orange/yellow one in a sandy colorway :-) they are made of viscose - which is derivative of cotton. i bought mine for my wedding as a wrap, but did´t need it because it was hooot that day...
    hoping for creative outfits with the new stuff :-* xxxxxxx

  6. I can imagine your joy when you scored all of those scarves. I bet they will make for excellent outfits. When I find silk scarves I rescue doesn't matter the color or pattern. I wish you a great stay in NZ and a new computer for Christmas!

  7. Oh I know that: I remember how I swore when I went from WinXP to Win8 - nothing worked ... sigh! For a long time...
    Pretty scarfs you have. Most I like the two brocade weaves and the coat.
    I have collected many colorful silk scarves (found in a Charity depot), but I dare not to wear, they are so light and smooth, always afraid of losing and feeling strange on the neck ...
    Have a great time :-)

  8. Great haul ... I love scarves ... one of my most favourite accessories :0)

  9. Great shopping, you. I love the scarves, esp the paisley. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  10. Beautiful, beautiful peaces! My favorite is the green/red striped scarf, but the soft pink one and the first one are also gorgeous!!
    Poor you.. I hate when my computer is not doing that what I imagine! This can make me really angry and then I give up far too quickly and will not want try it again so soon. Luckily, you have managed to this post despite the problems and we have found here some great things to see and to read :)

    have a wonderful week

  11. Love your scarf collection and the brilliant blue silk gown. What a score!

    Have a fun trip!


  12. Great scores, especially that gorgeous silk robe. love to see washing on the line so your photography makes me super happy! Enjoy your trip! xxx

  13. Wow, Jack! Great scarves ... that's a pretty gauzy-looking coat (is that the one you call "Old Lady?")
    Sigh. I'm decimated. But it's beautiful, anywho. Bet it does look great with your black dress.
    Excellent haul ...know you'll enjoy them all!
    Enjoy your trip ... go safe and take tons of photos!

  14. Hee, it would be fun shopping with you if we could exit stores together cackling! I love that image. And of course, that kind of 5 buck score would certainly make me laugh too. Gorgeous, love that blue on you. Slubberty giblets about the pink scarf too (I have never heard the word slub and it is now a new favourite). I hope you have a great trip!

  15. Scarves galore. I luv how they look fluttering on the line. And the mature lady one, well kimono, that's my fav. I have lots of scarves, they're so fun looking, but they I never really know what to do with them - how to wear them. I'll have to keep my eye on you for pointers.

  16. What a wonderful and rich scarves harvest in your garden! Blue looks so beautiful on you! And of course I am sending my wishes to Santa to bring you a new computer!! And of course you love us, and you know that we love you too very much! Have a magical time on your trip, rest, have fun and plenty of great adventures to share!! xxxxx


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