BeautyScope 188: Kangaroo Paw

ghostly cicada shell 
clings to a kangaroo paw flower
the beast transformed amongst beauty


  1. Cicada shells used to freak me out when I was a kid ... come to think of it, they still do ;0)

  2. What an amazing photograph, what a great capture! And as always, beautiful poetic description.

  3. spooky thing - uh!
    but the the photo is fantastic!
    i hope you will feel better soon - it is this time of the year when people use to struggle a bit - i´m still learning to deal with the x-mas stress....
    hug you! <3

  4. You have such a keen eye! This photo is very striking, and I applaud you for your photo+words art, you inspire me!
    ps Thank you for stopping by, I was so glad to see you! :) Get well soon and stay happy my friend! Hugses!! xxxxxx

  5. I love the contrast between the cicada and the flower!

  6. This is a fantastic photo. I am still waiting for you coffee table book of photos and poems. I agree with Natalia that you are so inspiring and I too appreciate your visits to my blog and your wonderful unique personality. I enjoy the connection we have managed to make and I do so often feel like we get each other. I have never seen a cicada or its shell-very cool. xoxoxo


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