Christmas Sculpture

Hello folks. It's Christmas Eve...a day that has Christmas in the title! So I can finally post my Christmas post.
We have a non-traditional Christmas tree this year. We imported a sculpture from our garden.
This consists of an old wire bedbase we found in an old fire at 'Heartwoods' (our bush block). Someone had obviously burnt a bed (desperate for wood or what!)
I love old rusty things, so we brought it you do...and made it into a sculpture  in our garden, with three branches for a teepee.
When we were looking for a Christmas tree idea I noticed the tree shape, and so decided on this!
It's so lovely and ethereal being see-through.
Here it is in the day time.
With the blue lights shining...
And here with the red. It changes the feeling totally!
Smart-Blue obviously approves...or he is about to pounce on them ^o_o^ !
The windmill type decorations are some I made with NZ flax.
We hope your holidays are filled with light, love and laughter. Bushy is on holidays for the whole of January...whoopeeeee!
Looking forward to sharing more fun shenanigans with you in 2015.  Thanks for being part of my blog and my life this year. You rock!!
'Til next time, keep creating and showing your fabulousness to the world!
Jazzy Jack, Bushy, Mrstrs Actor and Artist, Winter, Smart-Blue, Jade and Blueberry(budgies), and all the fish(no name brand)!


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  2. That's the best Xmas tree yet! How fabulous does it look? Even the cat's hypnotised!
    Have a wonderfully festive time and see you in 2015! xxx

  3. What a gorgeous X-mas tree. I love it. I'm sure it's so happy with your rescuing it in the first place and now, the piece de resistance! And, I can't believe your cat is so well behaved. Mine would be saying "scratching post here I come!"

  4. Wow, what an originally idea! We too don't want that a tree must die. Normally I decorate a metal spiral tree
    This year I haven't done, too many bad things (and only in January clarity, my little tumor is bad or not). Only solstice we have celebrated in our own kind...
    Have a better time, merry Christmas!

  5. You are such a fun creative bunch! Merry Christmas to you all! Originality, sense of humor, thoughtfulness and vivaciousness all in one - what a gift YOU are, Jazzy Jack! Thank you for being you! With love xxxxxx

  6. Your Christmas tree sculpture is a triumph! it's brilliant! and I wish you and yours a most Happy and Merry Christmas!! you rock millions!! x x x

  7. Your tree is a fantastic idea!! I don't go for all the traditional stuff either. This year I wrapped all the gifts (and not that many either) in fabric scraps! It worked out beautifully. No mess to recycle or burn either. Earth friendly too.
    Happy New Year!

  8. Omg, this tree is just the best! I love it! Next time I'm doing something similar! ^_^
    Have a lovely holiday you guys! Hope the family is already with full tummies and smiles on their faces! ^_^

  9. Your "tree" looks amazing - what a fantastic idea!
    Happy Christmas to you and your family! xxx

  10. fantastic! gorgeous idea to make a x-mas tree with you garden sculpture! million times better than the plastic trees people use in hot climates usually.
    thank you for this awesome blog here! for a new year full of creativity!!!!!

  11. Just dropped by to wish you and yours a Very Happy New Year *big squeezies* x x x

  12. I am so inspired by your non-traditional tree. I have always had a real tree at Christmas but am not allowed one in the place I now live. I was feeling quite uninspired but you have given me a good shake up! I hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas.

  13. Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the link to this post. I was looking in the wrong year's post list! I still love your tree. Yes, it inspired our own version!


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