Lava Glass Sculpture Garden

"Greetings O My Foster Cousin, canst sit up and partake of nourishment?
Or dost thou still think it more genteel, to nibble at thy food and appear delicate?"

Oops, sorry! A line from Ali Baba that we did at school!

The next line as I remember it: "One pomegranate seed, just one pomegranate seed"

Wouldn't get fat on that!

Anyway, I digress.
Here are some more NZ photos, from a visit to Lava Glass, a glass works about 30 mins south of Rotorua. They've recently opened a sculpture  garden, and here are some pics!
(This is where my glass mushroom came from)

I think they speak for themselves. Ahh was a wonderful day with my good friend!

And finally, here is a photo series I forgot to share awhile back. It shows the bag I bought in the night markets in Rotorua, close up shown in  this post.
And here is a weirdo smiley face to end on!

I just adore glass. I hope you enjoyed my obsession!
Until next time, keep creating and showing your gloriousness to the world!!

Jazzy Jack
PS Linking up with Patti looking gorgeous in a grey dress on visible monday And also with Anne in her snuggly clothes for 52 Pick Me Up Frozen.


  1. whats not to love about such beautiful glass!!!!
    but - don´t they have hailstorms in NZ?
    love your beach-y look here - going barefeet is so far away for me at the moment :-)

  2. I love the whole eye-popping colourful post! I adore coloured glass but I'm afraid you've upstaged all that great art with your killer dress! xxx

  3. I am very partial to coloured glass in any incarnation, and that is one fabulous frock too! xxx

  4. This is beautiful! :) Love your dress too!

  5. Fabulous sculptures,a nd such a great summer dress - Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xo

  6. Oh, Jack! So much to enjoy here!
    Ali Baba? Of course.
    Great bag... I'd save it especially for THOSE days.
    Adorable little dress ... and haven't you got yards and yards of leg! You should show them year round, girl!
    Now ... the GLASS. How wonderful it is! What a treat for me ... I'm a big fan. Do you know Dale Chihuly and his work? Met him socially a couple of times in Seattle when I was in art school there and a trip to his studio. Glass is a very big deal there.
    Here's a link to a show-tour ... you can back-track through the site, but this is the door to the meat of his work. This, sadly, was not there when I was.
    I was having a crap-holiday season day, but you made it all better with your lovely post!

  7. Fantastic place! All those glass sculptures - so beautiful and unusual. What a great idea to create such a fairy-tale garden. You look so summery in your printed blue dress.

  8. I love glass too! I love watching all those glass blowers, so mesmerizing! Adore the photos ^_^


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