More Kiwi Adventures!

Hello folks!
Another exciting chapter in the Kiwi adventure book.
But first I want to show you my favourite NZ bird. It is a Tui, and it loves blossoms, so in Spring it goes mental! Here is a few shots of Tui going mad over some bottle brush trees near our hotel. I just love their little white pompoms under their chin...and they have the most amazing multitudinous calls.
So here we are in our motel, the Alpin Motel which comes with a small heated pool, and individual thermally heated spas for each unit.  All set in a "tranquil garden setting" in a courtyard in the middle of the buildings.
 Mr Actor and Bushy playing in their natural element...water. Bushy looks a little waterlogged because he has been swimming underwater with Mr Actor on his back.
 The spas are very commodious, but take a little time to fill. After this, we learnt to partially fill it before the swim in the pool! Bubble bath is also provided, which the kids adored.
 On to our next adventure, which is ascending the mountain by gondola, then careering back down on a luge. Loved this bike rack outside. Bushy and Mr Artist deciding on the best deal...hmmm how many times do we want to scream!?
 Waiting for our gondola. Mr Actor (in green) is all organised. Note the cyclists getting off...they have a mountain bike run as well. There is a pushy photographer every time you get on trying to sell you your own image, but we passed. It's a pretty ride up the mountain.
 View from halfway up (Mokoia Island), and from the top. If you look carefully, on the bottom photo just outside the peninsula, you can see the paddleboat we took across Lake Rotorua.
Before, during and after the fun!
 After you careen down the mountain, you get to catch a chairlift to take you back to the top for another turn. I love the luges attached to the base of the chairs. It's a very restful quiet ride through the forest after the adrenalin rushed descent.
 Halfway down you can stop on little rest areas to see the trees, and become better acquainted with dinosaurs...eeeeek!
So as Bushy and Mr Actor take the chairlift one more time, we say farewell once more to the luge.
Until next time!
Keep on creating, and being your wonderful unique selves!
Jazzy Jack


  1. perfect holidays for the boys!!!
    and the landscape is very beautiful. this blooming trees! i´m not sure if i would take a luge.... :-)
    thank you for sharing my friend!

  2. Fab photos, it looks as though you had a brilliant holiday! xx

  3. What a fun family vacation! NZ is so beautiful, just gorgeous - I'd love to visit some day. You all look happy, relaxed and excited just as it should be on adventures. :) Sending hugs and love xxxxx

  4. That looks like such a fun family vacation and I am exhausted already! You look lovely in a crash helmet and should consider adding one to your wardrobe. NZ is so beautiful, and I have always wanted to visit but I may just have to remain an arm chair traveller. Thanks for sharing your great photos! Also, thanks for all your support, encouragement and friendship. You are a sweetheart.

  5. I love seeing your holiday photos, your family make me smile, those broad grins and sheer enjoyment on everyone's faces are just lovely. xxx

  6. Hahaha, I love your crazy adventures :D And whoa, Bushy has some rad bad ass beard! :D
    Would love to go on a trip with you guys someday, you seem like a fun bunch!

  7. OMG so much fun and happy faces!! You do it right JJ! Here in Germany it´s very cold and uncomfortable outside, the best idea is to stay inside!! :)
    So... now must look at the pictures once again ! ;)

    have a good time
    see you soon

  8. What a real beauty that bird is! Wonderful photographs, you guys seem to have so much fun there!


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