Catwalk Catastrophe!

Once there was a harried tailor named Francois
who worked for a famous clothes designer, Monsieur Ferdinand.

 Francois worked very hard, and was always running late, dropping things and generally in a state.

It came to the time of year that all designers love and dread...the catwalk competition!

They worked hard to produce many beautiful outfits.

The day came and they arrived at the venue

Monsieur Ferdinand greeting his adoring fans, and Francois as usual mumbling and stumbling.

Finally the very cool judge Hom Tanks," sorry no pictures please!"

So the Competition starts.
Earlier today our reporter spied our judge at a coffee house, looking rather irate and harassed, yelling into his phone.
Let's hope nothing too drastic has happened!
And here is our first contestant Monsieur Ferdinand, looking suave and slick for the cameras.

But what is this? Maybe we have discovered our judge's annoyance. It seems there is no model!
Yes, I just caught Monsieur Ferdinand accosting a passing worker, saying "I told you to find someone!"
"You'll have to do it Francois"...
I'm not sure Francois is too happy about that!
So finally we are underway.
"Here we are folks with our first outfit! This is a striped linen, in which the stripes have been turned sideways in the side seams, and the hem and armholes left to fray. Very comfortable in Summer."
"While we are waiting for Francois to change, I'll tell you about my outfit. I made the vest with multiple pockets, out of bright fabrics to modernise the usual fishing vest. Then I paired it with stripy drop crotch pants, using the same varied directional stripes as the last outfit."
"Ah, here is Francois in another pink ensemble. This time made into a lovely summer hotpants outfit. With a drawstring waist, kimono sleeves and zip entry, made out of gorgeous light pleated crepe viscose. Very light weight."
"On to a new style for us. This long vest made of upholstery fabric...tres chic!"
"Next we have a style influenced by Indian fact the fabric is direct from India, as are the earrings!"
"This is a lovely addition to any person's wardrobe. We have taken an embroidered tablecloth and made a circle skirt from it. See how it swings...glorious!"
"The piece-de-resistance is this satin peacock blue top, decorated with hand painted silk rosettes, hand sewn in place. Like little waterlilies floating on a pond!"
"So how did we go Judge Tanks? Do you see anything you like?'
"Do I ever. I have finally found what I've been searching for. You are the complete package...beautiful model, fantastic designer and flamboyant showman!"
"Congratulations, you are the winner!"
Jazzy Jack/Francois signing out. Hope you enjoyed this little fantasy created with my latest sewing projects. All made by moi, except the upholstery vest which I thrifted. I even made Monsieur's clothes!
(With many thanks to Mstrs Actor and Artist, and Bushy for their support!)
'Til next time, keep on creating, and showing your wonderfulness to the world!


  1. waaahhh - loooooveeee!!!!!!
    wonderful family! fantastic photo story! i soooo envy your kids for their mom! great fun!
    you made a very pretty summer collection, fresh and colorful. that tablecloth skirt is fab!
    hugs&kisses to australia!!!!

  2. Bahahaha, this was pure gold!!! :D You just made me 10 times happier with your shenanigans :D Hom Tanks seems like quite the celebrity, may I have an autograph?
    Love your designs Jazzy Jack, Monsieur's clothes are so fun and awesome, especially the pants!

  3. Excellent work from all of you! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and the couture.

  4. Just Fabulous! I had so much fun watching the production. Everyone played their part to perfection, and the script writer was a genius, not to mention the photographer. Great creations and modeling. woo-hoo!

  5. Simply divine, dahling! How fabulous to have such a fun time with the family, loving the photos and all the clothes! xxx

  6. I adore your performance! Love the characters and the happy end, of course!! You are incredibly creative, all of you - great job, JJ&Boys! That long vest is beautiful, and the Indian inspired outfit, and of course the Monsier's clothes are fantastic. You are so whimsical! Loved the name Hom Tanks too, made me smile. Love xxxxx

  7. Love the photos and loved seeing the two youngins there too. And, I'm digging your new haircut. Maybe I should cut my hair shorter too.... Hrmmmm.....

  8. So from time to time I watch runway fashion shows but this truly is the BEST one ever!! The complete package! I can't believe you got your kids to go along. Good going!! I especially like the India inspired look.

  9. What fun and games....No doubt about you all in style, script, acting, photography, as creative as ever!!!! And we didn't have to pay movie prices to see the exciting story. We loved it! D&M xxxx

  10. What a lovely post full of humour and creativity! And how wonderful that your kids participated in this activity. Seems like they really had much fun. Just as me while reading this post. Awesome!

  11. What a funny post and lovely things, pictures. This catwalk was a very big thing...wish, I could was there in person as a VIP!

  12. So much fun! Will you please adopt me so I can have this fun too? This was the best fashion show I have ever seen and ooohhh that Hom Tanks is soooo cool. Monsieur Ferdinand has on the best pants I have ever seen and the most fashionable fishing vest ever created. I want to purchase some of the items from this collection. Will they be arriving at my local mall any time soon?


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