BeautyScope 198: Bearded and not

the haves
and the have not


  1. gum trees are soooo photogenic! :-)

    1. I know! Why else do you think I take so many photos...not because I'm a great photographer! Get a good subject, the work is done! :-D

  2. I love trees and especially their barks. Beauty in nature.

  3. I love tree too. I cannot imagine living where there are no trees. We are lucky that we can plant in our gardens, a variety of trees from around the world that would not grow here naturally but survive our mild climate quite well. I want to run my hands all over that smooth 'beardless' tree. Is that kinky? xoxo

  4. gorgeous says the trunk-lover in me. They speak of the wonderful variety complementing each other. One bearded tree near us has a speedy growing vine over its free hanging back. M (D) xxxx


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