Instagram madness

Hotting up over here this weekend.
We have had a very mild Summer, mostly in the 20s with rain!
But this weekend has headed into the 30s. As long as it stays away from 40 territory we can cope!

I have been having a ball on Instagram lately. (See button in the margin.) Come and join the fun. @naturalmedley is my handle!

Here are some shots from my daily adventure!

My continuing daily hands series:

Gold bracelets with diamond and crystals, wedding rings designed by us, and small gold coloured ring found on the ground and given to me by my son
Silver bracelets given by Bushy with a small opal pendant, wedding ring to celebrate being true to myself, and tree of life ring to celebrate health

Green rings secondhand, leather coloured ring retail, coloured bead bracelet made by me
 A crazy project:
Wrapped my earbuds with colourful embroidery floss...argh my neck!
Here is a video of me dancing to the music sent by Dana from Danalovesfashionandmusic on her blog. Come over and find some amazing music which she adds every post.
Dancing to Dangerous(feat. Sam Martin) - Robin Schulz Remix -David Guetta
Linking up to Patti's Visible Monday linkup. I think I'm visible enough?
And that's all for now!

'Til next time, keep creating and showing your fabulous dancing to the world!

Jazzy Jack


  1. Ha-ha-ha, what an expressive dance! Makes me want to join you :) The hands series looks interesting, I always like to see other women's jewelry

  2. Lovely photos and jewellery, and who doesn't like to dance around in the kitchen from time to time?! xxx

  3. gorgeous dance video :-)
    you have beautiful hands! and some pretty jewelry - especially the ring with the green stone. plus all the pieces have a personal story - wonderful!
    and now i know where all the temps are gone! we had a deep drop this weekend ;-)

  4. I love the hand photos! Your hands are lovely and the jewelry pieces are great. I cannot get the music player on Dana's blog to play-it always tells me it does not work in my country. Sometimes I just dance to the music in my head but I doubt I will film that. ;-) xoxo

  5. Love the dance video! My husband and I used to dance weekly...need to get back at it! And I'm excited to find you on Instagram...following!

  6. So many pretty things on your hands, each piece with a story, and each vignette with different style. And of course I LOVE your dancing video. I shall go check out your Instagram now. I can't join you but I can lurk. heh.

  7. Hahahaha, dancing bit is my fave! :D You've got the mooooves!

  8. Oh those rings - so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, and keep on dancing! xo

  9. Shake it Mama! ooooh I love me a boogie! I can see instagram, I can't follow (my mobile phone is possibly vintage haha!) your hand/jewellry pics are lovely x x x

  10. Yes your hands are lovely as you do masses of things....being models, playing instruments,
    as you make things, as you reach out to others,as you dance and act and sing ....Love seeing for jewels of all types on them .D&M xxxx.

  11. Instagram and dancing music video. You are so today, no?


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