BeautyScope 209: Stealth arachnid

as choughs squabble
a giant root spider
slowly creeps up


  1. Ewwww, creepy! I hope you killed it when you finished clicking the photo or it may end up tapping on your window tonight. ;)

  2. Is it possible to transfer a fear of spiders to trees? You've made me wonder...
    Great poem and visual. i've enjoyed your faces in Instagram too.

  3. That is seriously creepy … the stuff of nightmares.

  4. :-D Actually I didn't notice it's shape until later. I was focussed on the choughs.

  5. I can just picture you creeping around forests now giving roots a wide berth!
    Glad you like the faces. Isn't perspective wonderful? I find the root looks more spidery to me when turned sideways or upsidedown.

  6. And the birds were perfectly positioned to be eaten!! :-D


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