Quiet down!

Simplicity, Focus, Creativity, Relaxation

These are the watchwords I have written on the wall at the moment, as I attempt to redesign my life.

I have put in place a few changes to achieve this.

Firstly I issued the following statement to Facebook and Google+.

My life is going through a health, and therefore a lifestyle, flux at the moment.

In an attempt to simplify things and allow me to focus on only a couple of goals, I will be withdrawing once more from Facebook and Google+.

If you would like to stay in regular contact I would love you to stop by my blog naturalmedley.blogspot.com.au and say hi!

I will still be posting on Instagram and Pinterest @naturalmedley.

Quiet corner

I made a quiet corner/altar where I sit and breathe and slow down, thinking about whatever beautiful stuff I have on the chair.

A corner of my living room which is generally dedicated to quietness,
is specifically dedicated to quietness.
A chair with a nice piece of fabric, and some themed items to meditate on.
A cushion to sit on. A bell, some water, some rocks and scented candle to waken and soothe the senses.
I'm trying to do yoga once a day to stretch out and tone my muscles that want to cramp and to quiet my mind.


I'm deciding on one focus for the day and writing it on the whiteboard that is my pantry door. This helps me utilise my focus ability.

I have two brain modes. To brainstorm and bring in multiple thoughts and ideas which really helps with my creativity; and to focus and never want to stop doing the one activity...to obsession!

I have been too much in my brainstorming mode, allowing the many visual cues (mess) distract me, and I've been running hither and yon trying to achieve some neatness in my life. Of course becoming way over stimulated in the process!

In receiving my health motivation, I've had to stop and rethink. Focussing on one thing has allowed me to achieve something at the end of the day, and I'm also learning to walk through the mess and leaving it alone. I'm hoping this will help me in my everyday sensory onslaught.

Cleaning and tidying in 15 minute bursts.

Since I've been unwell for so long, the house has been slowly falling into an unacceptable state. This is fuelling my stress.

So now, when I do turn my hand to cleaning and tidying, I am putting the timer on, and doing it in 15 minute bursts, so I don't end up running the same rat race again, and forgetting to stop.

Drop everything

I have executive function issues, and find it tricky organising my own brain, let alone training my kids. And yet they probably need more help than some.

I want to teach them how to look after themselves, but have been having woeful success, with the result I start screaming at the mess and them.

At my son's class, they have a system called DEAR- drop everything and read. I'm implementing a new chores idea for the kids of drop everything and clean/tidy for 15 minutes on the clock.

I'm hoping this new system will help with both the cleaning and the teaching!

Expert help

Mum and Dad are coming over today to visit for a few days while Bushy is away for work, and I've asked them to cast their tidy eyes over my place and give me some sorting and storing ideas. I hope to go to a storage place and put in place some new systems.

Crossing fingers!

Simplicity Spot: Wings
Here are some of my meditations this week as I thought about Wings. I call it my Simplicity Spot.

A butterfly Bushy brought me back from Papua New Guinea,
feathers birds have left in my path, crystal birds gifts from Bushy,
glass mushroom from Lava Glass in New Zealand,
wooden egg made by Mr Artist in woodwork
(he also made a matching spoon - convex and concave!)

bedraggled and torn

stilled beauty

can even now

make your spirit fly

Take a moment to breathe and think about wings and feathers and flying things.

Such fragile objects made of silk threads and fabrics, but they ride the air!
May our fragility be our strength today.

I've been meditating on the flight and nesting of birds.
Their life is balanced between movement and soaring, and stillness and rest. Also, when we fly we have the chance to fall. But if we don't accept the risk, we never have the chance to fly!

A newly thrifted poncho reminded me of wings,
with little feathered fringes all over it,
woollen shorts and hat- thrifted, slippers - too old!


I sewed a peak on my hat, so I could use all the depth to cover my ears in Winter, but still look smart.
This hat came in a give away bag, with bent wire in the brim, so I undid the stitching removed the wire and resewed the edge. Voila, straight brim. Never say never!

'Til next time, keep on creating and showing it to the world.
And try to spend some time in simplicity.

Much love,

Jazzy Jack

PS I finished my medication reduction on Monday...yeehah!

Edit: Linking up with Style Crone to give her a hat attack. Come over and join the hatted beauties.



  1. Good ideas, I wish you good luck on this path. I have many feathers too and often wish, I could fly (earlier, at an acrobatic trampoline I could... but since 'mI out from school, I haven't more this good trampoline and a normally fitness thing don't work for this feeling - )

    I'm just also working to eliminate stuff to create a new meditative space for us. We had such a amazing room in the attic, but only about unsafe ladder to reach and since my love had his brain tumor surgery, he can no longer climb ladder.

    By the way: I have never tolerated drugs against overload, would often needed and with age everything becomes more and more unbearable - I am also still looking for a way to better live with it. Health isn't good with me too in this time.

    I have a google+ account, but I'm not using (only here, for disqus it's useful - ) and at facebook I would never be, it takes so many lifetime for pointlesse stuff, I live better without such things and my blog is a good way, that I want not to miss.
    Have a quiet weekend, my dear

  2. PS: such a poncho I've knitted for myself, only in black, I hadn't other wool (it's always ramdomly, what I find) , but the blue is amazing!

  3. Dear Jazzy Jack, you created such a beautiful altar - what a wonderful spot for you to stop and get quiet, and bring in all the beautiful things, so then you can bring them out to the world around you... So glad that your Mum and Dad are coming for a visit, I hope you have an enjoyable time together. I thought the same things about birds. Bald eagles always make me think about flight... about that freedom. And yet, they too need time to stop and take care of their nest and eaglets, as my wonderful brother once said to me. We all have such times, both of those major periods in life, don't we? I wish you finding just the right new rhythm for yourself, and I know it is not always easy. With much love, xxxxxxxxxx

  4. What a lovely, restful place. It must be lovely to have a visit from your parents to look forward to. xxx

  5. Your quiet corner is beautiful. So many good ideas here too. I think many of us feel overwhelmed - by mess, chaos, kids, too many tasks, too little time and space, etc. I know I do. Taking small, do-able steps is always the way to tackle big issues, and you're approaching your situation with both great commonsense and understanding. Good for you! xxx

  6. It would benefit all of us to slow down, relax and enjoy life. Modern society is so fast-paced and empty. Many suffer from trying to keep up. Good luck!

  7. I noticed the cat feeder under your clean and quiet table - are you trying to attract serene purring and soft fur to your alter of peace and restfulness? Good plan :-)

  8. What a lovely corner! I do yoga for stretching, if not every day then at least 4-5 times a week. But I failed with meditation, somehow there are always other thoughts in my head that distract me. I am glad that it works for you.
    Nice poncho, such a beautiful colour!

  9. beate @ bahnwaerterhaeuschen11 April 2015 at 08:56

    you know very well how to care for you! i´m impressed! that silent corner looks very inviting to me. yoga helps me a lot too - for body and soul. and great that your parents can help you (my mom never could). and for the cleaning - the future partners of your sons will be very glad if the boys learn it now :-)
    beautiful birdy poncho - love color and texture! toes and fingers crossed for your journey!!!

  10. Oh Sweetie. I am so sad that you are having health issues. So sad. I have actually been going through my own lately and have decided to step away from blogging to help clear my mind but Luckily! I noticed your post on Instagram. What a lovely little nest you've made for yourself. Here's hoping you're up and flying again soon. Hug.

  11. Such mindfulness and peace. I think it's a wonderful thing to reduce down your digital socializing. It's such a distraction and too much time can be wasted in front of a screen. I love your little altar. Are you going to switch it up with each new focus thought? It's a great idea.
    I hope when your parents are there they can help out and be able to come up with some solutions for you. I know when my in-laws are here I'm even more scattered and nearly fall apart every time.

  12. I'm so sad you can't trampoline any more! Wish you could come and use ours.
    Interesting that you too find with age overload becomes worse. You would think that you would get used to things, but I think our energy levels for coping drop.
    So sorry to hear of your love's brain tumour surgery! And I hope you can find another quiet beautiful space. xo Jazzy Jack

  13. I know this would look magical on you with your colouring!

  14. Thanks Natascha! It is definitely a recreative time as I like to think of it.
    Much good will come of it, I can already feel it! Even though parts are very distressing.
    Finding my rhythm...a new phrase for me as a musician to dwell on. Thanks!

  15. Thanks Vix! Yes, a visit is so precious.
    It's fascinating that meditating on flight can bring you rest. I love paradoxes 😊

  16. Thanks Curtise! I know you understand the joys and challenges of kids.
    I hope someoneout there will benefit from reading my story.

  17. Thanks Ally!
    Put autistic overload on to today's pace and you have a recipe for house boundness!
    Hopefully I can still explore the world with my parameters in place.

  18. Yes, he has visited! Saw him stretch up and sniff the water the other day when the feeder wasn't cooperating!

  19. Thanks Olga! That's why I put things to meditate on, rather than just emptying my mind. I have the same problem. It helps to think of poetry to write as well. A type of meditating.
    I find the candle and bell will stop me still and put me into a different state suddenly.

  20. Thanks Beatochka (as Natascha says!)
    I hope the kids pick up usefulness and not just nagging :-)
    Yoga is so widespread! I'm amazed at all my enlightened friends!!

  21. Thanks so much Connie. Lovely to hear from you.
    Thanks for stopping by when it takes so much out of you.
    A little nest is a perfect description!
    I hope your health concerns evaporate soon, but I know it can be a loooong journey.
    I need to document my story for some reason, so hope by blogging I can still help others and not feel so useless in life. Hugs back!

  22. Yes, having people here is a physical stress, but my parents are angels and understand my need to withdraw for quiet time...they are that way themselves.
    It's a balance between doing too much while Bushy is away while I'm not 100%, and also hoping to set in place some sytems to make life easier in the future!
    I will be changing my little altar. It's so nice to have somewhere to focus on all my pretties that have been in the cupboard since the kids were born!

  23. I actually do find some solace in reading the blogs of friends that are going through difficult times and dealing with them so gracefully as you are. The endlessly mindlessly chirpy look-at-me-I'm-perfect blogs are the ones that are making me a little crazy at this point. Some day soon I hope to be recovered to the point that I can rejoin the blog party. Meanwhile, you hang in there. XXOO

  24. I think your watchwords would be perfect for just about anybody to live by … wishing you some peace and contentment.

  25. Thanks Sweetie! You words mean a lot.
    We will both hang there, eh? xo Jazzy Jack

  26. You have a plan. This is a good thing. And simplifying is a perfect way to clear head space and find a fulfilling resting state - yet still with bursts of creative flight. Your quiet corner looks perfect for its purpose. I am sorry that you are having health problems.

  27. You are making some good choices in life. I think it is good to streamline and will benefit you in so many ways. Personally I need to take a few notes from this post.

    Wishing you continued recovery.


  28. Your plan sounds healing and reflective. Wishing you the best on your journey with a focus on health. I think it's the most important goal!

    I see that you worked some magic on this gorgeous hat. I love the shape and the details. Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack!

  29. You're a smart girl and listen deep into yourself. But not only that, you're trying to find a way life feels best for you. I think that's wonderful! I have never consciously planned something like that in my life or thought about as you. For me it happens automatically. I am very fortunate that my husband makes a life for me possible in which I have a lot of time to rest and a lot of time only for me, so I never really get into stress. Even if not everything is perfect, my husband would never interfere. The only pressure to do as much as possible and always to have everything perfect I feel about myself. Your resting point is very beautiful. Mine is on our balcony :-)
    Can´t believe your hat is a DIY!!!!!! Awesome! <3

    I love you my dear friend


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