Balloon festival

Today we go to the Balloon Festival!

We get up before the sun...

Stare at bugs around a light...

While we wait. Then suddenly...roar!!

The people become dwarfed
by colourful windbags in curious shapes,
as they slowly rise in a graceful yet noisy ascent.

Star Wars was there in force,

much to the kids' delight.

Along with the Airforce.

I just love the graphic lines and shapes created
And how they look against our landmarks...
seen here over the Arboretum where Bushy works.

Over the sculpture "Wide Brown Land"

And over Lake Burley Griffin

Balloons attract flying buzzing insects, did you know?
And all the people turn out to photograph them,
including Bushy with his ipad.

Little people run after them calling "Don't go!"

But I'm afraid that's it until next year! Ohhh!

The Balloon Festival week starts around my birthday in the beginning of March (these are old photos!) and two years running now we have braved the early morning start to enjoy it. It's a tradition!

Let's see how we fare next year :-)

I hope you enjoyed that taste of an iconic Canberran festival.

'Til next time, keep on creating amazingness,


Jazzy Jack






  1. Up and away with all those gorgeous shapes and colours. Hope the tradition goes on for ages to come :-)

  2. Wow, the balloons next to the landmarks is a spectacle! *_* So beautiful, like a scene from a movie!
    Totally worth the early morning wakeup! Wish we had such events here too! :-(

  3. beate @ bahnwaerterhaeuschen26 May 2015 at 07:54

    we love balloons! they often fly over our pittoresk landscape and once a year there is a festival in dresden where they start from the river banks in front of the baroque city center. amazing sight! did you ever fly with one???? xxxxx

  4. Amazing! I loved how you described people being dwarfed - it's just so to the point. :) Bushy's Arboretum and those wild sculptures look great, and balloons just cheer everything up, don't they? Such a spirit of adventure...

  5. Yes! I had a flight in one for my 40 th birthday! The best part was the putting up. Watching it rise like a skyscraper in the foggy dawn. I still remember the heat from the burner on my head. Was very grateful for the hat they had recommended! And the landing where you braced and felt the basket flex and then helped pack away in some foreign field was interesting too. Having flown in small planes all my life, the flught was a bit boring, but the experienced pilot took us up high and then down low seeking better air (?) so that made it more interesting! Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. peaches mcginty26 May 2015 at 13:43

    I'd love to watch them! aren't they amazing! couldn't go up in one though, I'm a total wuss! x x x

  7. I love hot air balloons ... never been in one ... don't think I could ... but love the perfect picture they create :0)

  8. beate @ bahnwaerterhaeuschen27 May 2015 at 01:38

    this is a adventure i have on my "list". maybe four our 10. wedding anniversary :-)

  9. Those balloons are a fabulous sight all together, aren't they? But oh I would NOT want to go up in one! Great for photographing from the ground though! xxx


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