BeautyScope 221: Light bulb

little flower

you shine

like a light bulb

in my darkness



  1. You shine like a lightbulb in mine too!

  2. Glorious shot and words.


  3. That is a beautiful poem, and your photography is always wonderful, but I am especially touched by your husbands' words - that is true love, my friend, but of course you know it. :)
    Love xxxx

  4. Shawna McComber31 May 2015 at 20:09

    Beautiful! Jack, I love your poems, I really do! I also love this photo and I would frame it. The contrast of the light against dark and the simple elegance of the flower are just breathtaking. I still want you to make that book. xoxo

  5. peaches mcginty1 June 2015 at 03:08

    Like little art-deco table lamps, so beautiful and beautiful prose as always, dear Jazzy x x x


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