Scarf heaven

Hello all you gorgeous people.
In case you haven't noticed the activity on my Instagram sidebar; recently I received a generous gift of a box of the most colourful silk scarves from Mascha of Maschas Buch. I decided to do justice to them all I would challenge myself to invent a new outfit each day based on a new scarf.
Here is the result so far! I am in scarf heaven!!
Vest - thrifted and felted, silk shirt - sale, silk velvet pants - old retail.

Shirt, vest, jacket, pants, shoes - thrifted, belt - gift

Hat, collar, wool coat, belt - thrifted, silk velvet pants, shoes - old retail

T shirt, leather jacket - thrifted, turtle neck - old retail, pants - new retail

Silk shirt - retail sale, vest and pants - thrifted, Uggs - retail

Shirt and vest - thrifted, jeans and socks - retail

Shirt and vest - old retail, wool skirt and jeans - thrifted

Dress and jeans - thrifted, shoes - retail sale

White dress and shoes - thrifted, underdress - handmade by me, jean jacket - retail old
So here is a thankyou song for you Mascha!
I sang you a song in German because that is the only German I know, and you make such an effort in English for us all the time, I wanted to go halfway back :-)
Imagine we are having morning tea and I pop to the piano and sing you a song.
(shot by Mr Actor- Could only upload the last verse due to size restrictions)
The song is "Frulingsglaube" by Schubert and topically, is about Spring!
For those of you interested, I'm still waiting on results for my health issues. So day by day I am trying to live in calmness and tranquillity.
I've been doing some tidying and breathing in meditative state which I'll talk more about another time.
Anyway, keep an eye on the IG sidebar and watch my daily challenge with the scarves!
'Til next time, keep on creating and showing your beautiful unique selves to the world.
Jazzy Jack



  1. Lovely scarves … looks like you're having fun with your scarf inventiveness :0)

  2. It really helps me have a starting point to choose from! I do love them, but it's hard to show them in all their glory...hence the collage.

  3. What gorgeous scarves and each and every one modelled and worn to perfection. What a generous gift. Blogging buddies really are the best. Hope the health issues are solved very soon. xxx

  4. You ain't seen the half of it! Not sure about perfection, but we try :-)

  5. That box of scarves was just the perfect gift for you and I can see sparked more glorious creativity up in here! My favorites are the monochromatic look where I think you may be sitting in your garden and I love the way you wear it on your head too. I have a collection of scarves that someday I hope to be motivated to sew them all together into a shift dress.
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Yay! Love the creativity the scarves triggered. The outfits are gorgeous. You look good in a vest.

  7. You are so AMAZING!!! Stunning scarves and all the outfits - so original, so different from one another! I just love your singing voice, thank you so much for posting this beautiful song! You could be a famous singer, I just can see you on the stage. Your scarf challenge is such a wonderful tribute (along with the German song!) to beautiful and generous, sweet Mascha! You both are so amazing, I wish we all lived closer and visit each other and be friends.

    Much love to you! I'm not on Insta, so I'll be waiting for another post with scarves please, and for more songs, and for your updates! Hugses, my dear! xxxxx

  8. peaches mcginty24 May 2015 at 13:37

    What wonderful gifts!! so beautiful and I LOVE how you have worn them and your outfits, you have such awesome style, every one is perfection - I didn't know anything about your health issues but you know I wish you get things resolved as swiftly as possible, sending you lots of love x x x

  9. Thanks Joni! Yes, I am thinking of a kaftan dress with the ones I don't use. Watch this space! Grey is new for me this year. I'm into it in a big way. I love my head scarves too. Something on your head always adds drama! Hugs, xo Jazzy Jack

  10. Thanks! The vest wearing is new since the menopause :-) I used to get too cold to wear them. Xo Jazzy Jack

  11. Oh Natascha, you are so generous. I know we would get on so well in person!
    Thanks for your comment on my singing. It is very precious to me. I was famous for a little while in my little circle, and started to get professional work, but left it all to have my kids and have never made it back yet. I do miss it, but at least I had it for a while!
    Will definitely keep you updated :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  12. Thanks Sandra! It's a lot of fun doing a lucky dip each morning and being inspired :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  13. :) Love these scarves! What a great way to accessorize your outfits!

  14. Once you feel better, you might start looking for opportunities to go back to a professional singing career, even if it's a gig or two. You are really amazing, I enjoy listening to your voice A LOT! :)

  15. Shawna McComber25 May 2015 at 09:21

    What a beautiful and thrilling gift! Mascha is such a sweetheart and these scarves are so perfect for you. Your joy in creative dressing is such a delight to witness and I almost hold my breath as I scroll through wondering what is coming next. Your gift of music in return is lovely too and so thoughtfully from the heart. Meditating and breathing do help. They help me too. There is really only one way to live, and that is in the moment. Everything else is an illusion and leads to trouble. Excited about my parcel! xoxo

  16. Shawna McComber25 May 2015 at 09:23

    Natalia is right and maybe one way to to that is to post videos as you just did. It's a different community to reach out to but you can do it without having to leave home. Your passion and deep connection to it shows and it would be too sad to completely let go if that.

  17. So many beautiful scarves - what an amazing gift! All your outfits look great, but the stripey waistcoat and red wool coat have really caught my eye.
    Keep going with the health concerns and your efforts to work on them, you'll find a way forward, I'm sure. xxx

  18. That woman made a very right choice to give those scarves to you! We all know your love for scarves and your creativity with them. Nice addition to your collection. And nice styling! Love them all but my favourite is the last one, with blue flowers, such a charmer!

  19. Wow, I see: my beloved, but unused scarfes are on the right place now!
    I've collected them all just for fun at the colors over a long time...
    Thank you for the sweet song.
    By the way: you make my dream come true: my biggest dream in childhood was to play piano and sing... (but we had not a piano and I can not sing at all, until today - )
    Only today I can visit your blog, I had many stress and mess in last days. Your song is very relaxing now.


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