Scarf roundup 2 and another gift!

Hi there awesome ones!

Here is another scarf roundup from the last few days. (I am doing a scarf challenge with the scarves that Mascha from Maschas Buch generously sent me. A new outfit a day, inspired by a new scarf a day)

Shoes, pants, vest - thrifted, cardigan - old retail

Shoes, pants, vest - thrifted, cardigan - old retail

Cardigan, shirt, pants - thrifted. Tie - gift...see below!

Jacket, top, dress - thrifted, leggings - Black Milk retail, boots - old retail

Jacket, jeans, belt - thrifted, shirt - generous gift...see below.

Jacket - Kathmandu retail, pants - thrifted.

Jacket, skirt - thrifted, boots - old retail

Jacket, shirt - thrifted, pants- old retail, uggs- new!

Jacket, skirt - thrifted, vest -old retail, boots -new, ebay

Vest, skirt - thrifted, shirt, boots - old retail

This lovely shirt is a new gift from generous Joni of An Artful Closet. It just happened to perfectly match the next scarf in line!

Nestled in the parcel was this lovely surprise bolo tie, which went beautifully with that day's outfit!

Thanks Joni. You rock!

So there you have my fashion adventures for the last few days.

On another note, I promised to update you on my health woes. I have been back to the GP who has given me a provisional all clear! With a confirmation ECG in two months. It may have all been an artifact of the medication. So looking positive!

Of course that means I'm without the medication which I need for sensory overload, so I am exploring ways of dealing with that, which I'll outline in another post. But the fact that I also had toxic levels of B12 which has since been eliminated and reduced may have gone a long way to explaining my sudden overload explosion. (My soy milk was fortified with B12 and unusually I am a person who retains B12 in my system. This can cause heart problems and probably also increased my systemic jitters, but wouldn't have caused my other heart problems)

So the complex picture is slowly being unravelled. I'm grateful for my long suffering family, and my wonderful GP!

Thanks for all your support as well. It's so nice to have such lovely friends.

Keep on creating and being fabulous!

All my love,

Jazzy Jack

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  1. You have a mighty fine collection of scarves here! All beautiful, made more so with the fine gifts from Joni. I am also in love with your patchwork cardigan. Wow.
    An "all clear" from the doc is outstanding news. I'm happy for you. These other bits I hope will be unraveled before long as well.

  2. beate @ bahnwaerterhaeuschen4 June 2015 at 02:09

    can you do an outfit i don´t like? ;-) you look so confident and fabulous in every picture!!!
    and how cute is joni! that blouse is made for you - and that bolo-thing is totally cool! would wear it on bare neck - rrr!
    and it looks really wintery now down at yours! all the nice woolies and the fur came out. meanwhile we have a heatwave here, i´m in a tiny cotton playsuit :-)
    glad that there is a progress in discovering the roots of your health problems - how often we only screw on the symptoms without much success - of cause.
    hugs! xxxxx

  3. Thanks Melanie. The patchwork cardigan has that effect on everyone. I was lucky at the op shop that day. It feels very handmade traditionally made, quite coarse wool...and warm!

  4. You know I love every one of your outfits as well! Will have to try the bareneck bolo idea when things warm up. Good idea.
    Glad you have some nice long as its not toooo hot!

  5. We really are fragile human beings, aren't we? I had no idea about the vitamin B health risks. I'm so happy to hear you've been given a "good to go!"
    I thing that plaid fuzzy sweater is super and looks great with that bolo tie. Love your eclectic wardrobe!

  6. As much as it is a challenge it is fun as well, I bet you've been enjoying to create different outfits featuring one of the scarfs. My favourites here are the first one (with the vest) and the one with Joni's blouse. Glad to hear that your health issues are being resolved.

  7. I just love seeing your lovely smiling face and reading all the good news! Happy for you!
    Your scarf collection is fantastic, and with Mascha's additions it's even more fantastic now! Joni is such a sweetheart, how beautiful is this blouse on you? Blue is your color!
    Sending lots of hugs and love xxxxxx

  8. peaches mcginty5 June 2015 at 12:54

    What a relief! such good news about your health, thank goodness! I hope you are able to explore and have success with your other routes and feel tip-top in no time - of course you look totally fabulous in EVERYTHING!! gawd, I adore you and your outfits! x x x

  9. Patti_NotDeadYetStyle8 June 2015 at 16:51

    Happy to hear your good health news. And you really work a scarf or two - looking great! Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday, xo.

  10. My favourite is the first ensemble. Masculine looking. Plus those red pants are unexpected and fabulous.

    I'm so delighted to hear your health is on the mend. Can you just transfer some of your B12 to me please? I'm deficient : ) I used to get B12 shots for years.


  11. Yes, I wish they could just suck it out like they can inject it!
    Vampires is what we need :-)

  12. Thanks Patti, and not even halfway through yet! Glad you like them. Your taste is wonderful :-)

  13. Every scarf works so well with each look, I rather fancy your patchwork jacket too, looks so warm. The top from Joni is perfect for you, she is a clever girl. Hope your health issues continue to improve and all becomes clear soon.

  14. Thanks! Yes, the patchwork jacket is much admired and super warm.
    I'm enjoying the inspiration, although if I'm honest I'm feeling a touch of scarf fatigue :-)
    But we'll get there! And I do love them all. Xo Jazzy Jack

  15. Shawna McComber12 June 2015 at 21:11

    I'm glad you have such a good GP and get good care. Sorry it's a challenge to deal with the sensory overload issues but of course wonderful to make sure your heart is healthy. You look so cute and joyful in all of these pictures and I always really enjoy your creative outfits. That Joni top is perfect and has two of my favourite features-purple and embroidery. It's perfect with that scarf. xoxoxo


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