BeautyScope 236: Stairway to heaven

I held my camera up at arms length and pointed it down the branch to get this shot. Goodness knows what people around thought!

Ever been so excited by a shot you looked a fool to get it?

fungal social climber

the branch

leading to heaven?



  1. Ah, but love makes fools of us all (at least some times).

  2. Or are they fossilised fungal fins of of a stegosaurus?! Well caught. D&M

  3. only with some embarrassing, sweat and blood art will be good ;-)

  4. This shot is worth it. I also see a big face profile in the tree, which is cool because you do face-spotting so well.

  5. It's rather like staring at clouds; I can look and look and see different images in that fungus. Yes I have definitely been the fool with the camera. I have crawled on my belly in the dirt under a tree to get a photo. I agree with Beate. There is no art without effort and risk. xoxoxo

  6. I see a face too ... and yes I've probably looked foolish many, many times ;0)


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