BeautyScope 239: Lantern festival

Our school holds a stunning Winter Solstice Lantern Festival where each grade makes and carries a different design.

Have you ever participated in one? Or made a paper lantern?

paper globes

bob and wave

holding the light



  1. Is that central one a mouse balloon light or a pumkin balloon light? Or just a mysterious mid-winter light? Any which way, its all magic!

  2. Lovely lighted lamps looking like lifting balloons ready to float away! The silhouetted children make a great edge to the horizon too. D&M xxxx

  3. I've always wanted to participate in a lantern festival, it looks so serene and the paper lanterns always remind me of the exotic east.

  4. No, I've never made one … you should do a "how to" post on here.

  5. awww!
    happy childhood memories! the brother of my granny organized every august a summer party in his big garden. this parties were unusual huge for our part of the world - with extra installed swings for the kids and lots of homemade food (he was a baker), life music, torches, italian lights all over the garden and a lantern march across the village with the uncle on front with a accordion - and finally fireworks!!!
    although we used shop bought lanterns it was a wonderful day and night - so rare at that time.....
    greetings to your creative kids!!!

  6. What a great photo. There are lantern festivals here but I've never been to one. xx

  7. It looks beautiful. Like Curtise, I am familiar with them but have never attended or participated in one. I would like to! xoxo

  8. I love paper lanterns and I made a lot of, as my daughter and the boys from my older brother were in school and than we walked through the school yard and the park with our lanterns .. it was amazing! :-)

    hugs and kisses
    Dana :-)


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