BeautyScope 240: Ghost protection

More mist and fog to cool my Summer viewers :-)
Do you collect bracelets? Do you believe in ghosts?

some trees collect bracelets

to ward off tree ghosts

in the mist



  1. Wonderful and very mysterious...
    Have a good time :-)

  2. Tree trunks bilas-ed up ready to journey off into the space beyond. A lovely feeling! D&M xxxx

  3. Are you sure that isn't an elephant with pretty jewellery?

  4. ahh, I've finally been able to find your blog again. Let's see if I'm able to comment. I don't want to have to sign up with disqus...or anything else for that matter.

    1. Oh yea! It worked without making me do anything!!! Even your trees get glammed up. I see you tried Tina Givens free pattern. I always have to do a mock up of her stuff first. There's no telling what needs to be modified or eliminated or made a zillion times smaller. But I still like her designs a lot. Well, now that I'm here, I'll have to catch up.

  5. Ooh ... it's kind of eerie isn't it ... looks like the perfect setting for a scary story to me :0)

  6. aaww - that cool mist.... wonderful!
    i believe in ghosts, but they don´t scare me. only some human creatures make me fear sometimes......
    beutifu photo my dear!! xxxxxx

  7. I do collect bracelets! I do not believe in ghosts but do believe in bracelets! Thanks for the misty coolness. The weekend has been hot but the coming week is supposed to be a bit cooler. xoxoxo


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