BeautyScope 241: Lake lighting

Are you attracted to night walks? Or do they scare you?


I looked out

and saw some stars

had landed in my lake

stars strewn

like scattered confetti

stuck to the surface of my lake



  1. i can´t see a picture! maybe its my poor net-connection or blogger???
    i do nightwalks only on "good" paths - my week knees don´t like stumbling around in the dark. beside of that there are no fears :-)
    ps.: would you like to have a pattern drawing of the shorts???

    1. It's very dark with a few sprinkles of light. Maybe raise the brightness on your monitor?
      Yes! A pattern drawing would be wonderful! How do you do the elastic? It looks very professional...of course! Xo Jazzy Jack

  2. Starlight painting from so far away! Light is a wonderful thing dispersing the darkness! D&M Love to you all xxxx

  3. reply does´t work...
    now i can see the magical poetic photo! before was just a light gray rectangle in the size of the pic :-)
    the elastic is bit tricky the way i do. but you can use your own technic. i´ll look what i can do on the computer front with the pattern. or i just send you a paper pattern..... mail me beate.grigutsch (bei) xxxxxxx


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