BeautyScope 244: Tracery

I just love staring at the sky through branches.
It has soothed me since I was a baby.
Do you?

the wind

traces the beats

of my heart

on the sky

with sticks

and leaves

and branches

PS I find I'm not having much luck NOT commenting on other's blogs like I planned. You may have noticed. I do love a chat!

I think I'm worried too much about something others flow in and out of.

We try and then we adjust. Still working it all through...please be patient!


Jazzy Jack

PS Linking up with Skywatch Friday



  1. Oh yes, oh yes, I too have always loved looking up the sky through the branches, especially on a windy day. Pure bliss. So simple. Thanks for the reminder. It's easy to forget these things.

  2. me too! need to do this - very much at the moment. thanx for the tip!
    love!!! xxxx

  3. Ah ha - have I caught you making use of an archive photo? It is still definitely Winter here and those look like deciduous trees! Oh, who cares, staring into the tree tops is certainly a timeless joy - thanks for the image :-)

  4. It's like entering another world seeing the sky through the tree patterns and oh such bliss when lying on the grass under it! You certainly felt that very early in your life. It was a delight to see those beautiful two dark eyes looking looking and gently close on repose....a lovely relaxed time for you.
    D&M xxxx

  5. Yes, starring at the sky through the branches soothed me too especially to my confused mind and troubled hearts in the days gone by. I still find it very soothing even in present days. Have a beautiful day!


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