National Tree Day radio interview

Last Sunday was National Tree Day and as Bushy is the go-to guy for tree commentary in Canberra, we received a call from our local radio station on Saturday. Was he in town and could he come down to the studio for a chat?

Say yes, say yes! From me, who would have to do no work at all!!


Here he is dazzling the host Lish with his stories.

We all went along for the ride, and Lish very kindly let Mr Actor inside the studio to do his filming. He is a budding photographer, and was very professional.
You may see the ipod on the window sill. Mr Artist is doing a time lapse. Dad didn't move much!
I was there in my tree jacket!

Here we are in our tree stylings! (Both jackets thrifted and I added my hand made felted tree patch) Bushy gets a lot of compliments for his.


So that is how we celebrated trees and promoted them for National Tree Day.

Oh, and I did a tree themed BeautyScope last post!

Psst! If you want to read some good inside knowledge about trees, their stories and controversy read Bushy's blog

In Honour of Mencken.

'Til next time, keep on creating,


Jazzy Jack



  1. exiting!!!!
    spotted bushy´s cool tree jacket already in the first photo - tree-lace!!! you must be so proud of him - the to go man for trees in canberra!!!! a forest VIP! :-) and your talented sons have contracts now at the studio? ;-)
    of cause your red tree embellished topper is totally trés chic! and do not need the trees all our help on every front? here in germany the law was that you don´t can chop a tree over 10cm thick even on your own ground. but a few years ago they changed to you can chop any tree on your ground...... guess how the suburban landscape looks now? ya´now - trees are dirty.....
    now i´ll go into the garden to hug our teenage oak :-)
    hugs&kisses to australia!!

  2. We enjoyed the ride with you all at the studio. Each picture tells a whole story....and we love the Last with your great tops. What fun to see the boys doing their productions too (and yours as well).
    Trees are waving it their thanks along with ours? D&M xxxxxxxx

  3. What tree-mendous outfits and what a wonderful way to observe National Tree Day. I wonder if we have one in the UK, too? xxx

  4. This is amazing, exciting and wonderful! Congrats to Bushy and the whole family! I need to add Bushy's blog to my reading list, he's a cool guy, that Bushy! Such a cool girl like yourself couldn't choose otherwise! xxx


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