Rise and Write - Sand

I've been enjoying my longer poetry writing exercises, but lately struggling a little with other priorities.

Still, I managed to squeeze this one in. Enjoy!

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Ink blots and OCD

I've been playing with ink lately, and had a few nice results.

The theme was crescent shapes(boats, nests) and waves(hillsides, trees).

I love playing with the ink in an organic way, and allowing it space to say something.

Obviously I'm still working out the best paper. Some worked better than others, and some buckled more than others. Looks like the Bockingford is the best.

I hope you like what these had to say. They make me feel restful inside.

Always something to notice and value with my restless spirit.

I will be doing more! I feel I've found another voice to express with.

Bushy's response to that was "Yes, because you needed another one! "

Poor long suffering guy!

In my last post I alluded to some health issues in the family.

Mr Actor has been extremely sick with a streptoccal infection which attacked his kidneys causing all sorts of reactions in his body, and blowing up his OCD. So now we are reintroducing him to school. In order to do that I am sitting in the car park for the three hours he is managing at the moment. And he can come to me if he needs support.

In order to make this pleasant for me I'm bringing our campervan Brumhilda...yes all fixed again after the engine blowup in this post...so I can have a table to write and eat at and loungeroom to knit in. Very pleasant.

Mr Actor joins me for morning tea :-) Yesterday was his second day, and he did really well after a rocky day the day before.

I put this out there to help normalise and reduce the stigma on mental illness. It's just another illness, and not our fault or something contagious. But it is interrupting our lives for a while. I say that if he can learn these lessons at 10 he will be way ahead of the pack. Learning to challenge your own thought processes and reintroducing more healthy ones is one of the hardest things he will ever do.

Poor kid. And I am absolutely privileged to support him through it!

Some selfies and glamour camping pics in Brumhilda.

Til next time, keep on creating!

Much love,

Jazzy Jack


Space Opera

It's been a difficult year with many serious illnesses in the family. So to dig out from under for a minute, Mr Actor and I put together this nonsense.

Hope you enjoy it!

Ffrzt krzzt crack! A portal opens in front of them.

A spacepod hovers delivering an amorphous floating blob.

And a Delactian..you could tell from the triangles painted on, which they worship.

Suddenly they were entering the house

Moving in awkward ways

Shining their eyes on everything

Slightly scary

The blob which we called Morphy seemed so excited it turned on both its eyes

Hard to tell excitement in a Delactian

Interestingly, this is how a Delactian sees the world

And this is how we would seem to Morphy

We were shaking slightly as we enquired what they wanted.

The Delactian said "Hello, my name is Dio and this is Moty.

We are your new neighbours, and we wondered if we could borrow a cup of sugar."

Err, sure!

They said their thanks, took one quick look around,

vowed they would be back soon, and took off...literally!

Who knew aliens liked sugar!

Now you know how to sweet talk any who come by.

Til next time, keep on creating!

Much love,

Jazzy Jack

Editor- Mr Actor

Asst editor - Jazzy Jack

Photographer - Mr Actor

Asst photographer - Jazzy Jack

Morphy/Moty - Mr Actor

Dio the Delactian - Jazzy Jack

Rise and Write - Heat (prose and poetry)

I've missed the relevant linkup for this, but I was inspired by Natalia's poem.

I've done a little exercise for those interested. Here I've turned a prose passage into a poem. Although normally I would just write the poem.

In fact I wrote the prose as an exercise to stretch myself and was so annoyed at all the extra words the poem itched to be written!

Which do you prefer?

Vacantly she stared at the shimmering horizon. " Heat for dinner again" she sighed, as her child turned inside her, shifting to a more comfortable position, as if he too was tired. "Pregnancy and Summer do not walk easily together. They seem to inflame and bring out the worst in each other." she thought.Slowly she turned back inside, screen door screeching and slapping as she enteredthe stuffy room beyond. "Oh my, what a drag this all is." "No, that won't do!"

Switching on the ceiling fan, and pulling some iced water from the fridge, she inhaled coolness. Taking a long gulp the water barely hitting the sides on the way down, she would have sworn her blood temperature dropped 5 degrees. "Ahhh, that's much better"! Her vision cleared, and she noticed the sparkles the sun made shining through the glass of water. The stirring air tinkled a wind chime as if ringing a lullaby to her unborn. And she smiled.

vacantly she stared

at the shimmering horizon

heat for dinner again

and she sighed

as her child turned within

as if searching

for more comfort

maybe he too was tired

pregnancy and summer

don't walk easily together

they seem to inflame

bring out the worst

she thought

as she turned through

the screeching screen door

into the stuffy room

switching on the ceiling fan

pouring a glass of iced water

she inhaled coolness

taking a long gulp

water barely hitting the sides

she swore her temp

dropped 5 degrees



her vision cleared

she noticed sun sparkles

in the glass she held

the stirring air

tinkled a wind chime

ringing a lullaby

to her unborn child

and she smiled


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BeautyScope 252: Mid hop

Another kangaroo shot from our Botanic Gardens.
Bored yet? :-)

hippety hop

the kangaroo is poised

mid hop

forever suspended

like a cat

disturbed in its ablutions




BeautyScope 250: Aspie friendships

A big thankyou to all my online friends with whom I can be my noisy, quiet, happy, troubled, quirky, thoughtful, creative self. I can spend as much or as little energy as I have and you still come back.

That is real friendship to me.



people have always puzzled

friendships are just odd

I would hover, smiling

assessing how others act

quickly grasp the points required

then shyly holding back

since adulthood I've managed

to speak up, raise my voice

but friendships are a lot of work

and require energy I lack

so online friendships blossom

for which I say my thanks

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BeautyScope 249: Silvered dandelion

I love the natural hair movement that is happening.
Although I do love coloured hair too, but out of a spirit of fun not fear.
I'm allowing my greys/silvers to show.
What about you?

glowing seed heads

catching the light

like white haired ladies

shining bright


BeautyScope 248: Thunderstorm comfort




bang boom crash

flish tzzz flash




ting ting




hairs raised on end

sparkles in eyes

quick quickly

grab my book

race to my bed

snuggle under covers

while the storm rages

and r-e-a-d

the ultimate in cosy

How do you feel about thunderstorms?

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Poems, shorts and faces

Hello my lovelies!
Here are some of the creations I've done this week.
Firstly a couple of poems to participate in Natalia's Rise and Write linkup.
Write about your first experience of swimming. How old were you? Was it in a swimming pool with an instructor, or someone kicked you and you fell into a lake? Were you with your friends, your parents or by yourself? Did you learn how to swim eventually? Do you love it, hate it, or are you indifferent to it?

Write about a door knob. Any door knob – maybe it’s in your room, maybe in a fancy concert hall, or in an antique shop. Is it made of glass, metal, ceramic? What color is it? Is it attached to a door that you are afraid to open, curious to open, eager to open, or are you indifferent? If you never paid any attention to door knobs, write about how stupid it is to even think of door knobs. If nothing comes to mind, invent!

Just a common doorknob

Round and smooth

Designed to fit the hand

During sweaty hot days

Sometimes slippery

So she couldn't quite grip it

Her impetus thwarted

She would come to an abrupt


It had been shiny brass

But time and hands

Had worn away the finish

So now it had a depth

A story

If anyone cared to notice

Most rushed past

Taking for granted

Its selfless service

But she knew

She could see

Constantly opening

And closing

This common doorknob

This normal daily item

Was her ticket

To a place

Of enchantment

- Jazzy Jack

Recently Beate posted some shorts she had made, and I admired them.

She very kindly sent me a photo of the pattern she drew, and these are the result! Like the eggplant addition? Made a slight error with the hem. No such thing as a mistake...just a design adaptation.

I will model them in the Summer!!!

Some faces I've discovered this week.

Me in my creative element.

Ceiling and walls - me, paintings - me, knitted skirt and poncho - me

Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack


Rise and Write linkup : Favourite blanket and Furniture

a favourite blankie

is a boon to the soul

it wraps you up

like a mother's love

and warms you

as a Summer's day

it surrounds you

in cosy

fluffiness tickling

its memory

a sweet caress

a moment

of pure longing

oh chenille bedspread

your rumpled softness


the scratchy glamour

of your successor

and I remember

hiding you

in my wardrobe

to fling over my bed

and bring to my face

to snuggle into

all night

I miss you so!

a humble dining table

sat in an op shop

wearily bearing the weight

of non matching chairs

day in day out

it crouched in the corner

while people ignored it

as they admired the chairs

dragging them across its surface

adding scratch upon scratch

to its fine woodwork

so ignored

it became devalued

and a price tag of $20 was applied

Hey, called the table

I'm worth more than that!

but no one noticed

or replied

then one day I arrived

idly glancing at the tables

in the market for something

to replace our rickety one

whose legs were falling off

anything would do

suddenly I stood to attention

Could it be?

clearing off the chairs

I noticed the matched grain

the well seasoned timber

beautiful fine legs


heart beating fast

I called my husband

I'm going to grab this

before anyone else does

Can you bring the truck?

so speedily paying

before someone noticed

a triumphant homecoming

a clean and polish

and now our lovely table

shines out its birthright

beaming happily

What a steal!

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