BeautyScope 249: Silvered dandelion

I love the natural hair movement that is happening.
Although I do love coloured hair too, but out of a spirit of fun not fear.
I'm allowing my greys/silvers to show.
What about you?

glowing seed heads

catching the light

like white haired ladies

shining bright



  1. White and silver hair certainly is outstanding and gives a softness that enables the wearer to try new colours to wear. It's the next part of the adventure of life! D&M xxxx

  2. I can recommend white/gray hair very much!
    it works like a soft-focus for your face :-)
    and it is so easy to care for! and like you i like artificial haircolor and makeup for fun and decorating - not for masking or conformation....
    hugs!! <3

  3. Great photo in sepia!
    We have here a plant, called "Old man herb" (Senecio vulgaris), because it looks like white hair heads...
    I like the color red, but I rare color my hair...

  4. I am such a fan of black and white photography so it is only natural that I'm loving my grey hair.


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