BeautyScope 250: Aspie friendships

A big thankyou to all my online friends with whom I can be my noisy, quiet, happy, troubled, quirky, thoughtful, creative self. I can spend as much or as little energy as I have and you still come back.

That is real friendship to me.



people have always puzzled

friendships are just odd

I would hover, smiling

assessing how others act

quickly grasp the points required

then shyly holding back

since adulthood I've managed

to speak up, raise my voice

but friendships are a lot of work

and require energy I lack

so online friendships blossom

for which I say my thanks

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  1. i always will come back to someone who wears such cool hats and sweaters :-)
    <3 <3 <3

  2. I know that!
    Since a few days I try in vain to find the time to read all your new posts... (but I will come back)

  3. I understand you more than you might think... We love you, Jazzy Jack! I love you. Yes, true friendship is like true love - when someone sees you for who you are and accepts you for who you are, no matter what. And who keeps coming back, and is interested in whatever you are doing - not because it is something amusing for them, but because it interests YOU. And such two-ways relationships are unique and very rare.

  4. No my dear, thank YOU. I am truly thankful for our contacts and our communication. You've helped and inspired me more than you know. ;) How about a great big HUG!

  5. It has been a privilege to be on your challenging journey. Sometimes we have felt helpless when you were in pain. You have blessed " the sox off us " and enriched our lives in more ways than you know. It has been wonderful to" meet " all these thoughtful friends. We love you and your precious clan. D&M xxxxoooo

  6. Oh my gosh. You know I'm a fan. XO

  7. An interesting take on friendships. Hmm. Think, think. You've given me something to think on.

  8. How many adults struggle with maintaining friendships? I find your poetic aporoach to the subject quite reflective. Great hat!

  9. I came by to say Hi! to a friend all dressed in warm and fuzzy orange.


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