Poems, shorts and faces

Hello my lovelies!
Here are some of the creations I've done this week.
Firstly a couple of poems to participate in Natalia's Rise and Write linkup.
Write about your first experience of swimming. How old were you? Was it in a swimming pool with an instructor, or someone kicked you and you fell into a lake? Were you with your friends, your parents or by yourself? Did you learn how to swim eventually? Do you love it, hate it, or are you indifferent to it?

Write about a door knob. Any door knob – maybe it’s in your room, maybe in a fancy concert hall, or in an antique shop. Is it made of glass, metal, ceramic? What color is it? Is it attached to a door that you are afraid to open, curious to open, eager to open, or are you indifferent? If you never paid any attention to door knobs, write about how stupid it is to even think of door knobs. If nothing comes to mind, invent!

Just a common doorknob

Round and smooth

Designed to fit the hand

During sweaty hot days

Sometimes slippery

So she couldn't quite grip it

Her impetus thwarted

She would come to an abrupt


It had been shiny brass

But time and hands

Had worn away the finish

So now it had a depth

A story

If anyone cared to notice

Most rushed past

Taking for granted

Its selfless service

But she knew

She could see

Constantly opening

And closing

This common doorknob

This normal daily item

Was her ticket

To a place

Of enchantment

- Jazzy Jack

Recently Beate posted some shorts she had made, and I admired them.

She very kindly sent me a photo of the pattern she drew, and these are the result! Like the eggplant addition? Made a slight error with the hem. No such thing as a mistake...just a design adaptation.

I will model them in the Summer!!!

Some faces I've discovered this week.

Me in my creative element.

Ceiling and walls - me, paintings - me, knitted skirt and poncho - me

Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack



  1. I just love that line "Her impetus thwarted" ...by a common door knob!

    And the apple face is a joyous smirk too. Beautifully eclectic post :-)

  2. Beautiful imagery in the Swimming poem. I love the human qualities to the door knob. You paint such great visuals in relatively few words-a true poet.

  3. You words have so much rhythm when read. Love them both!

    1. Thanks Joni. I am a musician after all!

  4. You take us right to the water and your door with the crystallised poetry which takes us on a journey of discovery. How can you tell such capturing stories with so few well chosen words??..Lovely! And your knitting, sewing, fun faces as well....all great creations...as is the one who models and makes it all. D&M xxxx

  5. I'm fascinated by your passage "under the water is terrifying black suffocating like an anxiety attack personified". I recall vivid emotions of annoyance in water, frustration that some of it might get up my nose ... or that I might smack into it uncomfortably coming off the high board. But I have never felt terror around water. I know many people do. Like how I used to feel about tornadoes, perhaps. But even as a kid, water was to be respected, could be most annoying when it got where I didn't want it ... but I somehow always felt safe in it. Curious to me.

    Doorknob as key to unlocking the unknown ... powerful. I love how our shared writing brings the deeper meanings back to the things I too often take for granted. And again ... thank you for poetry my mind wants to read. How else to describe it?

  6. after getting a sweat attack from the last pick ;-) ......i´ll thank you for the credits!
    love the aubergine theme - what speaks more summer the ripe yummy veggies! i pondering a lacy version for garden parties - but i have to find the right lace first....
    and whats about a beauty scope calendar with your poems???? love the one about swimming - i never feared water - it is a magical world for me.
    hugs!!!! xxxxxxx

  7. Love your smiley faces … and your poetry … and your shorts … and your knitted poncho/shrug.

  8. Would not imagine that it is possible to write a poem about a doorknob! Beautiful! My first "swimming" experience was rather scary. I was around 7 and tried to pull out my friend who had fallen into the pond. As the result I fell into it too. Luckily, the was an adult nearby who saved us both. I still remember the scare I felt then.
    Adorable poncho and skirt, you are such a talented woman!


If a topic has special significance for you, or touches you in some way, I'd love to hear your story! I will return the favour and we will gently touch hands across the miles...or kilometres :-)