Rise and write no 1. Days 4-7

Good afternoon, good evening or good night my lovelies!
Wherever you roam!
Gorilla jacket, white dress, shirt and earrings - thrifted, knitted necklace - made by me!

Here are the final poems from my Rise and Write Linkup.

A couple of them I set to photos for Instagram.

Day 4. Write about a tree (or another plant) that you see from your window. What kind of tree it is? How tall it is? Does it bear fruit or berries? Is it a home to birds or small animals? If not, could it be a home to mythical creatures? What would you think of it as a child?

I am a tree

who shades a house

my branches have grown long

over the roof

I cover the home

and protect it

my leaves fall in the cold

but my arms never falter

they stand tall

and true

In warmer days

when my leaves grow

I shade the house and its people

from the hot sun

In colder days I drop my leaves

to let the sun in to the house

this is what I do

I see the people who live under me

running around

sometimes they have picnics under me

on the deck

In Autumn I feel silly and mischievous

and drop my leaves in their food

sometimes the small people climb my branches

and jump off

sometimes I want to catch them

when they fall

but my branches aren't quick

so I stand seeming uncaring

there are insects that love my tiny flowers

and in Summer I hum

when they tickle me

I like being a tree

it's a good life

people usually appreciate me

and my people love me

so I stand tall and proud

and love them back

Day 5. Write about an act of kindness that made you look differently at what kindness is and maybe look differently at life. What was the situation? Maybe it was in your childhood, or maybe it happened last week. Maybe you were the person who was being kind, when someone needed it the most, and maybe did not expect it. If nothing comes to mind, invent!

Day 6. Write about your favorite dish as a child. Do you still remember the taste of it? The smell? The texture? Who was cooking it?

Day 7. Write about your morning ritual. You wake up… then what usually happens? Write about how your body feels, what you think about, what you like to do, to eat or drink the first thing in the morning. It does not have to be about you. Write about your character if you prefer – what is their morning routine?

Beeeeeep! BEEEEEEEP!

Oh noooo!

Is that the alarm already?

Do I really have to get up?

But I just got back to sleep!

And now suddenly

the bed that has been

SO ANNOYING all night

is soooo comfortable!

All warm and snuggly

and my pillow feels so soft

The air is so cold

Look you can see my breath

Good grief!

No-one should be expected to get up

in this temperature!

I'll just roll over for a quick snooze

Hmmm, what do I have on today?

Oh, the dog must have heard the alarm

I can hear her jumping at the door

Is that the cat yowling

to be let out of the lounge room?

I'd better remember to take the cello

Did I make lunches last night?

Argh! Brain shut up I need to sleep

Well I suppose I will get up

I can't seem to sleep

and now I need the loo

Ooh, ooh, my toes!

These tiles are freeeezing!

Good morning world

I'm up!!!

Lordess Winter - inspired edit by Mr Actor

Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack








  1. Stand up in winter time... sigh!
    Most I've enjoyed the Act of Kindness.

    I've written in this week a story about the house, were I've grown up, first part is fiction (with real elements), the second is real, how we found the parasol...

  2. What a post! Trees and cakes and kindness and even puppies ...all wrapped up in photos and poetry - great :-)

  3. I'm impressed with your knitted necklace, you are a fountain of ideas! Is it a chain?

    Now, on to your poetry. I love your tree poem, written from the tree perspective. I'm sure your tree approves of your outlook on its life! :) Fun poem about childhood and eating from a huuuge spoon - we also loved eating condensed milk from a can as kids, and if I'm honest, I still love it. :)) And I feel for you wakening up not when you actually want to. I love the way you described the world around you!

    So glad you joined in! Will you continue? I am going to post new prompts for this week today!

    Much love, my dear creative genius friend! xxxx

  4. ps You need a fluffy soft little rug by your bedside for cold days! Your toes will be so thankful. :)

  5. Yeah-more poetry. I find it fascinating that you can get a poem from the prompt idea. Do you noodle the prompt around a few days, or does an idea seem to flow when you read it? I'm holding a place fro poetry, but so far it is blank and probably will be for a while. The kindness one was heartwarming.

  6. I love "When I was a child we had cool neighbors." So evocative of childhood.

  7. ON TREES: I really enjoyed this poem. It just sort of makes me glow inside.
    ON KINDNESS: Yes, like breathing and so many things in nature, I think it works best when both in and out flow naturally. I tried breathing only in for a while ... then only out for a while. Yeah, neither one of those worked very well. :)
    ON FOOD AND NEIGHBORS: Our neighbors gave us rhubarb ... my mom loved it so much in pies and tarts. I looked forward to fall and Halloween during rhubarb season.
    ON WAKING UP: Ooooo ... such vivid sensations. I feel for you. I look back from 52 now at all those years my warm little feet dreaded touching the floor in the morning. Last winter, I finally bought myself proper slippers or house shoes as Natasha calls them. Fuzzy and warm inside, proper grip on the bottom. Easy in and out, but secure as I walk. My feet are happy now after so many wasted years. May warm slippers make an appearance in your world sooner as opposed to later.

    And if all poetry was more like yours, I'd read a lot more poetry.

  8. Poems and pictures.... We're sure the tree says you just understand me...I love being in a family I can protect and play with! Yes! Yes ! Yes! to your kindness to us all for your words and picture...truely refreshing! Delicious poem...about those special times with your friends...what fun! Waking in the cold just makes us feel it as we see you snuggle down for one more time til you hit the go button....and Winter is Oh so cool...thanks Mr Actor. D&M xxxx

  9. Love them all.
    I was clearly spoilt as a child, I used to get a small amount of condensed milk poured into a tea cup .. aahhh the simple pleasures of childhood :0)

  10. have to say it again - fresh and unpretentious poetry!
    your words really lift me up! love it!!!!


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